national awards for canadian student

<p>what are some national awards in which Canadian students can apply? i only know of the Canadian merit scholar one @ Character</a>, Service, Leadership - Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation</p>

<p>also, the awards given out are for Canadian scholarships meaning they are for Canadian universities so why would they help me getting into American schools? i cant use the scholarship on the school</p>


<p>In terms of scholarship money, there really isn't a whole lot out there for Canadian students travelling to the US. Pretty much all of the big-name scholarships, such as Millenium, TD, RBC, Terry Fox, etc. are only available to students planning on staying in Canada.</p>

<p>If you're an Alberta resident, the Rutherford is transferable to the US. Wendy's may or may not be transferable to the US as well.</p>

<p>Awards-wise, there's all those math contests coming out of Waterloo if you're good at math. Not sure if there's a monetary award attached to them, but it would look good on an application.</p>