National Coffee Day! How do you like or in tiramisu???

It’s National Coffee Day! Disappointed I didn’t see that my neighborhood coffee shop is offering $1 cappuccinos today before I drove to work!

Have my one cup a day at my side now. Can’t drink it black. Allow myself the half and half as a former CC’er convinced me “it’s worth it”. :slight_smile:

I need to make a simple dessert for family coming over tonight - was thinking to take the theme and make it coffee based. Anyone have a good EASY (has to made after work) tiramisu or cookie or other dessert that involves coffee?

How are you celebrating this caffeine FULL day?? :slight_smile:

Me too! Plain coffee with half and half. A treat is a skinny vanilla latte.

Coffee is an occasional treat for me (gives me the shakes and makes me hyper-loquacious), but the salted caramel mocha that is a seasonal treat at Starbucks has me a bit hooked. I think I’ve bought about 1 per week, and that’s pretty rare for me. It’s so good.

whole milk or half-and-half here. can do black in a pinch. so are there any national chains that are offering coffee deals today?

I like coffee-flavored foods like yogurt and Tiramisu, but don’t really like to drink coffee.

Coffee with half&half. Can’t do black.

I can’t believe it, but I actually ran out of regular coffee beans yesterday and forgot to ask H to hit Trader Joe’s on his way home, so this morning I am reduced to drinking instant Bustello. I keep instant espresso around for cooking and emergencies.

Ironies of ironies.

Oh, and half and half if at all possible, occasionally black, especially if it’s really good and strong (Moka pot).

There are lots of brownie and chocolate recipes that include expresso powder. Maybe even chocolate pudding?

I like coffee flavored desserts but don’t like coffee.

Really good tiramisu needs some sitting time to meld. However, here’s a recipe for tiramisu cupcakes I had pinned. I haven’t made it yet but it gets good reviews.

One of my favorite, easier desserts to make are brownie sundaes with homemade hot fudge sauce (basically ganache) and good quality coffee ice cream and real whipped cream. Always a hit.

I like my coffee black - with a slice of tiramisu. B-)

Dark roast + 1/2&1/2 + 2 packets of sugar

" so are there any national chains that are offering coffee deals today?"

I’m a total coffee snob. I have to buy single-origin beans roasted within the last few days, then I grind them, pre-soak for 2 minutes, then either pour-over or brew at as close to 203F as I can get. Then I inhale the amazing aroma while pouring into a vacuum-insulated cup and add just a touch of raw sugar and whole cream. Then I need a pastry and 20 minutes of quiet time to sit and enjoy my brew while browsing CC.

Gotta love those morning rituals!

@anomander Are you a hipster? :wink:

I like regular (as in no fancy stuff) coffee with a small amount of 1% or 2% milk. I can drink it black but can not tolerate even the tiniest bit of sugar or artificial sweetener.

I have coffee once in a blue moon. I would rather have free tiramisu.

@doschicos That’s so funny you’d make that joke! Some of my favorite coffee shops have reviews on Yelp where people say things like, “way too many hipsters at this place for me.” But I’m a CC dad so I’m a couple decades too old to be a hipster. :))

@anomander I’m just going to call you a dadster. Maybe this guy can be your inspiration in your senior years. :slight_smile:

Love my coffee black with no sweetener. I will on occasion get a mocha or latte in the afternoon as a treat. Not a fan of tiramisu.
Some people won’t eat a coffee dessert at night because they think it will kept them up. I on the other hand can drink a double espresso at 10 pm and still fall asleep.

I can only drink coffee before 2pm, otherwise I’ll have trouble falling asleep at night. I take it black and unsweetened; when I have espresso, I add 1 sugar.
I avoid dairy now, but in the old days I would make instant coffee with whole milk - no water at all.
ETA - and I will eat tiramisu at any time!