National High School Game Academy at Carnegie Mellon (CMU)

Has anyone attended this summer program - National High School Game Academy at Carnegie Mellon? Is it open to rising sophomores /juniors/ seniors? Is it an intensive program? Selective? College credits?

My son is a rising sophomore and it looks like an interesting program for him but it would be great to have a little more information. Thanks.

My daughter did the NHSGA program a couple of years ago and really loved it. You need to have completed sophomore year and be between 16-18. I don’t believe the NHSGA program offers college credit like the AP classes do and I don’t know how competitive admission is. She lived on campus and loved living in Pittsburgh. I don’t think it was particularly intensive though the kids are all hard workers anyway and she’d sometimes stay up late with a group working on projects. It’s a very team-oriented program so many of the projects are done in teams–they’ll have 2 programmers, 2 artists, a sound person, a producer etc. They all take on different roles and the teachers believe in learning how to work successfully in groups and having the kids wear different hats. So if you kid is a programmer, he or she will also do art and drawing and writing, etc. They also work on pitching ideas for projects and public speaking–even a little acting! So it’s much more well-rounded than just learning to program or draw in Maya, All of the classes for NHSGA take place a couple of miles off campus at the ETC along the river. So the kids all get on a CMU shuttle in the morning and go to the ETC for the day then back to campus at 5:00. Hope this helps!

Thanks so much for the detailed post. Sounds like a very nice program. Will look into it for my son for next year … how many students in the program ?

My Son is a sophomore and he is interested in this program as well. He applied to a couple of other programs and waiting for results. We need to put down deposit within 10 days for this one, so are also trying to get more feedback. Thanks!

Has anyone got admission decisions to this program ? They appear to be taking rather long - I see from their website it says 200 applications and 100 accepted and 77 enrolled - but we still did not get a decision yet.