National Hispanic Recognition Program Class of 2022

PSAT scores just came out today. Do you guys think the College Board will lower the cutoff for the NHRP? Or will the cutoffs be similar?

Hi-does anyone know what the cutoffs are for class of 2022 (for NHRP)? Has anyone got anything?

I’ve been wondering the same thing. Thanks for posting

Does anyone know what the cutoffs are for class of 2022 for NHRP? When would letters go out if you meet the cutoff?

Has anyone else seen this? It looks like College Board is completely re-doing their recognition program, putting all categories together and requiring AP exam scores. Edit – not requiring AP exams, but adding them as an optional way to qualify. Phew.

Replying to myself – never mind – when I re-read, it says ONE of the criteria. So it’s an additional way to qualify (having AP Exams). But yes, they’re combining the programs.

As far as I am aware, NHRP ceased to exist beginning with high school class of 2021 - there is no NHRP anymore. CBRP replaced it.

The AP exam score is a weird new additional qualifying option for class of 2022. The exam score options are very different from the old NHRP.

This change definitely makes sense. Since PSAT testing has been a difficulty for most students during the pandemic they are adding on the AP component to balance it out. I like this a lot more in my opinion.

Am I reading correctly that the AP’s exams taken at the end of Junior year will count towards the 2 required to qualify. Does this mean that by doing this, they will learn later whether they qualify or not? Are they also scoring by state and not region this year? I wonder when the cutoff scores will come out.

The wording is a little bit confusing not going to lie, but the website says that 9th and 10th grade scores are considered for Juniors. As a result, I don’t think Junior year scores are considered because they typically release the email in March-April of Junior year.

Thank you. This is new territory for everyone. Hoping for the best. :slight_smile:

Same to you too.