National Honor Society and Disciplinary Records

<p>I'm a Sophomore and I just recently applied for National Honor Society. The selection council is convening in the next week to make decisions on students. Anyways, in my school there are Junior and Senior privileges, which essentially allow them to leave school during the day if they have a study hall or lunch. Consequently, many Sophomores who have their licenses also do this, which is a violation of the school conduct code. </p>

<p>Today, I went out to lunch with a friend during study hall, and was caught (perhaps unfortunately, perhaps I deserved it). I'm a pretty good kid and I don't think I've ever gotten in trouble with authority figures in high school, thus I have some questions.</p>

<p>1) Does the detention I received get recorded in my files?
2) Can/Does the National Honor Society access these files?
3) How much would such a disciplinary infraction hurt my acceptance hopes?</p>

<p>Cheers, and thanks for helping me out.</p>

<p>They are not going to reject you if you messed up ONCE. If you are still a fairly good kid, I’d say don’t worry about it too much.</p>