National Merit: University of Alabama vs University of Central Florida

Hello. I’m trying to decide between UA and UCF, because both schools offer very generous packages to NMFs. From what I understand, UCF is a full-ride, covering 4 years of tuition, room/board, a stipend, travel expenses, fees, and a book allowance, while UA covers less than that: up to 5 years of tuition, room, a stipend, and book allowance.

So the major difference is that UA does not cover board or fees.

It seems like UCF is a clear winner finance-wise, but I think UA offers other scholarships that I can stack on. And then there’s the added in-state scholarships since I’m a resident of Alabama.

Do any of you know if I would actually end up with more scholarships/grants if I stay in Alabama or can I also apply for the state of Florida’s scholarships even though I would be an OOS student?

I’m also from a low-income household, so I think I will receive the Pell Grant and maybe some Alabama state grants. For those of you who know about Alabama’s grants, would you please share information as to what they are and how to get them?

Apply to both of these places now. You will have until next spring to decide which you like better.

@mom2collegekids is an Alabama expert. If she sees this, she will have ideas for you about Alabama.