NC State 2025 Admissions Deferred for RD

All - I am starting this thread to specifically address/discuss the students that were deferred in EA to a decision for Regular Decision (RD). The last 2025 thread is beginning to morph into dorm selection and other topics.

My son were deferred for Statistics (first choice) and criminology (second choice):

4.15 weighted GPA
3.78 unweighted
8 APs (Calc A/B, B/C, and stats - note Calc classes had an unweighted C (70’s) but has a B unweighted in AP this fall)
Otherwise - completely all A’s with four years of French, 1 year of Latin
AP exams:
Calc A/B/C - 3 overall (college credit)
Psych - 4
English Lit - 4

So, realistically, what are his chances for getting into Statistics?

Love to hear from other deferred candidates as well for support and insights going forward.

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if he has A’s and B’s for fall he should be good

also test scores would help

A major change would be unnecessary do stick with statistics since it isn’t overly competitive like engineering or human bio

I was also deferred 3.6 gpa and 1430 sat with pretty good ec’s
6 aps and 8 dual enrollment classes at a 4 year university
in state

I applied business

i was 3.74/3.61 UW when i applied ea, after i got deferred + the update with my transcript, my gpa is 3.81 W/3.63 UW, upward trend.

oos, top 20% of class, good ecs, lors, and good essays, but sat-optional

I was deferred for human bio.
In state
11 APS-All but one A
15 Dual enrollment credit hours.
Top 25% of class
Good EC’s and LORS
Took 5 APS senior year and A’s in all for 1st sem so hoping it will help.

I was deferred for Biological Sciences.

In state
Top 20%
SAT - 1510
15 AP classes (ap scholar w distinction)
3.85 UW/4.4 W
Good Essays (got them reviewed many times)
Excellent Extracurriculars (5 leadership positions + state and national level awards/recognition)

Still not understanding why I got deferred but hopefully there’s an acceptance w regular decision as I have all As this semester. Wish you all the best of luck!

Well, he had thee A’s and 1 B in stats ap (usually weighted to an A). Sat was english 650, math 580. So the math did hurt, but he’s solid otherwise.

Do you know how I can more information on the stats program? Hard to find data on major specific acceptance rates like Virginia tech.

Great stats. Seemed like your major was extremely compeitive.

I was deferred for genetics
Top 15%
3.84 unweighted 4.34 weighted (GPA should go up, I just don’t know the new one yet)
8 APs (3 last year All As, 5 this year 4 As, 1 B in Calc AB)
I think my essays are good, I had them reviewed
Good extracurriculars: Eagle Scout/Boy Scouts being my biggest one
My LORs should be fine

Also deferred. OOS applying for Marine Sciences 1st choice and undecided 2nd choice. 4.04 w and 3.5 uw. Top 20% of class (class size almost 600). ACT score of 30. Four dual credit classes. Five AP classes. Double digit honors classes. Four years of German and German Exchange Program participant. Youth and Government for three years with awards. Started own business. Five years of volunteering for Humane Society with numerous service awards. National Honor Society. Founded ultimate frisbee club team at high school and was team coordinator, spirit captain and team captain. Played sousaphone in marching band and tuba in concert band.

I was deferred in state for biology major
4.45 weighted gpa but went up to 4.46 this semester so hopefully that helps
3.95 unweighted but just went up to 3.96
top 15% (130/830 ish) but my school is large and extremely competitive (top 10% is like 4.8 gpas and up) but idk if colleges take that into account
1410 SAT
7 APs only B was calc AB
9 years of competitive dance and lots of volunteering with that
National honors and national technical honors society
Helped tutor in math through a club

It is weird though because my friend with a weighted gpa of around 3.6 and no test scores submitted also got deferred so it seems like they are deferring more than they are denying

I also know last year that state accepted a lot who were originally deferred
I was also wondering what other kind of things I could submit to help me? i have my mid year transcript and i sent in AP scores i had originally self reported but i’m not sure what to do other than that

At least from the website, there doesn’t seem to be much else you can do to make your application better other than add first semester grades.

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I think she will be fine.
Theres only 2015 data and all of them hover around 50% might be lower (like 45%) this year

My daughter got deferred for Engineering. 4.127 weighted, 3.74 unweighted, 5 AP’s, 3 CCPs. Multiple extra curricular activities and clubs. Beta Club. I don’t think it looks good.

My son was also deferred for Engineering, similar stats- a little higher GPA. He had Exploratory Studies as his 2nd choice major. One outside college advisor told me that state wouldn’t consider him for exploratory with engineering because they would think he was using it as a “back door” to engineering. My understanding is that it is basically impossible to transfer in to engineering from within state so I find that hard to believe. Just curious if anyone else has heard this about the majors.

I know someone from a few years ago that did not get in to the COE and just did exploratory studies and transferred in to engineering. I think you still have to apply to the college once in and get accepted. We did a college tour there before COVID and were told that was the route to take if they don’t get in to COE right away.

That is interesting. I do think it is such a different year with deferrals from last year and the increase in applications.
Did your daughter have a second choice major?

Yes, first choice was biomedical engineering and second was biology.