NC State College of Design 2024 Thread

Looks like COD is sending their invitation for Admissions Review Day. I’m wondering what programs people are applying for, and what people know/have heard about what goes on during the review! I’m applying for Graphic Design.

i’m applying for graphic design as well! i’m a “sophomore” (first year student, just graduated HS this past June) currently at ECU. somebody let me know if they know whether or not we submit our 10 pieces from slideroom plus 5 new pieces, 15 all new pieces or a mixture of both. after admissions review day last year, people heard back on valentine’s day. i’ve talked to some current graphic design students, and some professors and met with the head of the graphic design department so if anyone has any questions, feel free to shoot! i may not know though lol.

I am applying for graphic design. I was emailed an invitation to review day. When you RSVP they have a detailed list of what should be in your improved portfolio. It doesn’t all have to be old or new. And I’m assuming this means that we all got into the university and can attend with our second choice major in the fall? I’m still waiting for the actual letter of acceptance

Btw I’m 16 and graduating high school this semester. I’m so excited but still a little confused about the whole thing.

i assume, if you put a second choice major then yes, you would default to that major if you aren’t accepted into the COD. i don’t know that for sure, and would probably email & ask. i’m just gonna stick with ECU’s Graphic Design program if i don’t get into NSCU’s so i didn’t put a second choice major. @oxfordcomma27

you got this! industrial design only has 18 spots and if i could get in then i think anyone can get into COD.

Back in December I was invited to admission review day for architecture but I have not gotten any details about the event since then! It is in less than a week, has anybody else gotten updated info (where/when to meet)?

@2020architect i applied for graphic design & i am going for admission’s review day this saturday @ 9AM, at NCSU. i just took screenshots of the instructions when i filled out the google form to accept my invitation, i never got anything else in my email.

@2020architect i just got another email going over everything again, including where to park, where to go to check-in, what to bring and the entire process.

I am SO nervous for this Saturday. Does anyone know what kind of questions they will ask? Also, how are you doing your portfolio? I’m doing it on presentation paper in a 9x12 portfolio.

@oxfordcomma27 so i asked my uncle who graduated from COD and was one of the student interviewers, and a friend from way back who’s a graphic design student there now, & both said they basically are trying to figure out your thought process & how your mind works in the interview. there’s a lot more that they told me, but to sum it up short and sweet it’s basically that. for the portfolio you’ll have a table to set your work on, so definitely mat some of your 2D stuff.

On my way to Raleigh now, I am so excited for tomorrow

How did everyone do today?? I made my portfolio look very nice and organized, but it was printed 8.5x11" which is way smaller than any of the works I do–most of my drawings are at least 18x24". Hopefully, that doesn’t factor in too much to the portfolio score. I included one physical linoleum print for good measure.

As for the interview, I feel really good about it. Managed to get through today with very little nervousness. The faculty interviewer I spoke to said I was “very in-tune” so I am taking that as a good sign!

Wow it’s been awhile already. I still feel confident about the interview. I was able to connect with the interviewer on a personal level which I hope helps. Please update each other on when you get decision!! I see from last year it was around Valentine’s Day so I’m thinking within the next week or so

Does anyone know when we here back about admission?

Should be this week sometime. Last year they heard back on the 13th/14th

Any news yet? We are anxiously awaiting…I heard only 18 will get invited to the Industrial Design program.

Nope. I hope it’s today

No. I hope soon!

Anybody hear back? I was hoping we would get decisions last night or this morning :frowning: