NC State or UNC Chapel Hill?

NC State or Chapel Hill?

So, I have been accepted to both NC State and Chapel Hill since early decisions have came out. However, I decided to stick to going to a community college for one year (just because I felt like it). I just need one year cause I already have 30+ credits from dual enrollment.

My question is should I apply for NC State’s or Chapel Hill’s transfer program?

The transfer programs give you guaranteed admission to their school after you get an AS.

Some background: I plan on majoring in Animal Science to become a vet. I am a high school senior right now.

NC State (C3)

  • Has an Animal Science major
  • Would have to pay around $4k a year (I know this since I have received a financial aid letter from them)

Chapel Hill (C-STEP)

  • Would be in an Biology major
  • Would have to pay nothing because I qualify for the Carolina Covalent (Basically a full ride scholarship for students that are under poverty levels)