NCState School of Design Questions

So I am a senior in High school and my application recently got declined for NCState’s College of Design Program. If I got into the University, would it benefit me to go there for a year and then reapply to the COD? I also don’t know if the students already in the College compete against the High schoolers that apply as well, because I know they only really accept around 30 applicants a year. I just don’t know if that would be the move considering I really want to do architecture but don’t know if either being at the school would help my chances or if I should wait and apply again next year.

I also don’t know what classes to take if I was to go to NC State now. Are there courses besides strictly major-based courses needed to graduate? If so, I could take those my first year and apply again the next year.

If there is anyone that has been through this situation or applied to the COD while in the College, could you provide any clarification?


From what I understand, you can reapply for the college of design, but it stays pretty competitive. From the college of design’s website you should be able to find a list of classes that would help towards a college of design major. I’m also applying for architecture but haven’t gotten my decision yet. When did you get yours?

Wow, first of all I am sorry to hear you got denied. Would you mind saying when you got the decision? And did you interview in January? I’m waiting to hear back for graphic design, and I interviewed in January. I’m also debating whether or not to go if I also get denied.

@JoshMarino As Far as I know, transfer applicants and freshman are all pulled from one pool. That’s what they told me, I am currently at ECU as a sophomore, and they said I would be treated as a first year student because of the fact that I’d have to start from the beginning of the COD curriculum, like a freshman would, even though i would have 60-something credits.

I got my decision on December 20th. It was pretty vague- I wasn’t sure if I was denied for the college or program so I called them and they told me that since my chosen major on my application was architecture they denied me for both. But they did give me the option to email the undergraduate office and change my major on my application if I wanted and they would review it again.

@oxfordcomma27 Thats awesome that you got an interview! How was it? What was the process like? I’m just curious as I can’t find anything online about it either on the website or wherever. Apparently from what I learned it does not better your chances whether you are already initiated and taking classes in the school or not. Unless you want to study another major that NC State offers then I wouldn’t bother.