NCSU Transfer thread for Fall 2021

I saw no one has made this yet… so lets start dropping stats!

How do you think our chances will be considering that COVID is going on? Also how is the acceptance rate for the Statistics program?

I have no idea about the covid thing. It is making me nervous too.

And I think the Statistics Program is competitive but if you have a decent gpa you should be good to go!

Hey, I am thinking about applying to NC State. I already have an undergrad degree in CS from different school and have been working for a few years. I am already ready for change.

Does anyone know how the school views candidates who already have an undergrad degree?

I actually think they view them highly! I think they take that into consideration for the better. You will be fine!

Hi all-- I noticed the transfer thread for this year (Fall 2021) isn’t as active as the previous year. Do you think this could be a signal for the lack of interest in transferring school amongst students?

I submitted mine, and now I am having second thoughts/cold feet because I believe not a lot of people are transferring hence I don’t know if I made right decision or not.
I know I know the decision to transfer should reflect other considerations not just because “if the mass is not doing it, then maybe I didn’t make the right decision.” But still! The silence and lack of outreach of the thread is killing me LOL

At the end of the day, if you don’t want to transfer you don’t have to! At least you filled out the application to have to option.

but the lack of outreach is concerning me as well

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Sorry for the delayed reply! Do you think there are fewer people who are applying this year?

Do they give out decisions for transfers before April 15th?

Hi Guys! Can someone chance me?

Temple University, finance major
3.4 GPA, 55 Credits Earned
Two internship experiences in the financial services industry
EC: Pre-Law Professional Fraternity, Temple Finance Club
SAT 1410

  • I did not submit high school grades

I think you have a pretty good chance. The two finance internships are impressive!

But like Logan said, do they ever release the decision early? Looking through previous years forums, I noticed a few people were requested to send in their mid-term grades…So I know there are definitely delays that can push the decision after the 15th. Some people (in previous years) were still waiting in late May and into June.

Does having a family member who graduated from Nc State in the past give a bit of an edge in the admission decision?

Applied to NC State as Engineering Major for fall 2020, was waitlisted and didn’t get off waitlist
Back for fall 2021, except now I’m a poly sci major
College GPA: 3.776
75 credits total (88 counting credits from AP tests)
24 credits last semester, 24 credits this semester
Winner of several CC scholarships
PTK honor society member


Hi guys! All of yall look like you have amazing stats. I am an in state applicant, applying for sophomore year at state for chem from a 4 year school!
HS GPA - 3.9 W/3.4 UW
College GPA - 4.0
33 ACT
52 credits (with 20 something AP credits)
I am really proud of my ec’s but idk if my essays make sense haha! cant wait for the decisions! i dont have high hopes bc hs gpa. good luck everyone! (id love to hear what you think about my stats)

its usually before!

i think the fact that you have so many credits is really good because it shows that you can manage yourself in college. also your sat is pretty good! it seems like your ec’s make sense with your major as well. good luck!

taking that many credits in one semester is a really great feat! congrats on being able to manage all that and keep a high gpa. your scholarships also show that you are very competent. also i would say you have a better change with poly sci bc engineering is really competitive. good luck!

I heard someone has received acceptance letter last friday (yes, for transfer). I dont know what major though.

Have you guys heard of anyone already received their acceptance?

I havent hear anything. I’m just so anxious waiting for a decision.