NCSU Transfer thread for Fall 2021

I saw no one has made this yet… so lets start dropping stats!

How do you think our chances will be considering that COVID is going on? Also how is the acceptance rate for the Statistics program?

I have no idea about the covid thing. It is making me nervous too.

And I think the Statistics Program is competitive but if you have a decent gpa you should be good to go!

Hey, I am thinking about applying to NC State. I already have an undergrad degree in CS from different school and have been working for a few years. I am already ready for change.

Does anyone know how the school views candidates who already have an undergrad degree?

I actually think they view them highly! I think they take that into consideration for the better. You will be fine!

Hi all-- I noticed the transfer thread for this year (Fall 2021) isn’t as active as the previous year. Do you think this could be a signal for the lack of interest in transferring school amongst students?

I submitted mine, and now I am having second thoughts/cold feet because I believe not a lot of people are transferring hence I don’t know if I made right decision or not.
I know I know the decision to transfer should reflect other considerations not just because “if the mass is not doing it, then maybe I didn’t make the right decision.” But still! The silence and lack of outreach of the thread is killing me LOL

At the end of the day, if you don’t want to transfer you don’t have to! At least you filled out the application to have to option.

but the lack of outreach is concerning me as well

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