NE Colleges and Skiing and Engineering

<p>So I have another skier to ship off to college oops I mean help find a college. This one will most likely go into engineering. Probably civil. Has always wanted to build things. For Pennsylvania parents which colleges of any are under an hour's drive to skiing...preferably under 1/2 hour with engineering? We're heading east in April to do college visits...definitely stopping at Lafayette...might drive around Lehigh but he wasn't too enthused, stopping at University of Vermont and then Colby because he loves Colby, visited once with his brother, even though there is no engineering and then coming back across Canada. My last mother son bonding road trip. Just a week off mom and kid. Clarkson he thinks is too geeky. Anything else in Pennsylvania or the NE we should consider? </p>

<p>He's a junior, 3.8 unweighted currently just outside the top 10% at his competitive school. He has several APs. I'm guessing he'll get 4s on them based on how his brothers did with the same teachers. He has a list of 5 to apply to that "pass" muster with him, wouldn't mind adding another one more just for some finaid comparison. (Two safeties, two matches, one reach). Doesn't mind adding something that might be reachy. He's very competitive. He's not a geek...he's a two sport helmet wearing team captain all-American type male who also loves to free ski (like 50 days a year.) Skiing is a deal breaker. He's dyslexic so ACT is low low English and high math which drags the composite down. He's approved for time and a half ACT in June so we'll see if that helps the English abit which will push the composite up. Has had an IEP since first grade.</p>

<p>Have I left any rocks, I mean gems, unturned to submit to him for consideration? This is my last one and I don't want to become apathetic and not put some effort in.</p>

<p>WPI is about 30 minutes from a moderate sized ski area- Mt. Wachusett. Not totally geeky.</p>

<p>UNH is near the NH White Mountains and Southern Maine areas.</p>

<p>UVM is near one of the best ski areas in NE and students take phys ed at Stowe to learn to ski.</p>

<p>University of Waterloo! Not sure how close to skiing but great engineering program.</p>

<p>Vermont is on the list. I never thought about Canada. I have a friend w/a D at McGill. I'll have to look at what's going on in Canada.</p>

<p>If he's interested in 3/2 programs (ie first 3 years at LAC then 2 years at a U with Engineering) Bates is test-optional and had 3/2 programs with some good Engineering schools. I'm out of date, but I think Dartmouth is one.</p>

<p>For civil engineering, [url=<a href=""&gt;]ABET&lt;/a> accreditation<a href="or%20its%20Canadian%20equivalent%20%5Burl="&gt;/url&lt;/a> is very important, because civil engineering commonly seek Professional Engineer licensing, for which graduation from an ABET accredited engineering degree program helps.</p>

<p>Quest University in Squamish BC Canada is a private LAC that is about 45 minutes away from Whistler. I believe students get a seasons pass to the Whistler/Blackcomb mountains. However, no engineering program as it is a liberal arts college.</p>

<p>You've got to consider Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). Not 30 mins to good skiing but definitely an hour. Outside Albany so close to VT, MA, and CT. Excellent engineering school with great reputation.</p>

<p>^^I agree. I was at a bonfire this winter standing with 3 girlfriends....all civil engineers (not me) 2 out of UofM and 1 out of Wisconsin all with soon to be college kids debating civil engineering vs. architecture. It was an interesting discussion about the various programs and where things take you in life. It was also a very sobering conversation about what is happening with our bright, college-ready but not 4.0 perfect kids. Not so long ago all of our kids would have applied, been accepted and gone to UofM (or Wis in the case of one mom and son) One and done. That's not certain anymore.</p>

<p>Oops. Can't believe I didn't mention Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Another great engineering school. My husband got his undergrad EE degree there. They had a great internship program which turned into his first full time job, too. Many good ski options in under an hour between the Buffalo locations and others south of Rochester. In recent years RIT has had a lot of development and they're working hard to create a neighborhood community feel to it. Definitely worth checking out.</p>

<p>momofthreeboys, I know Lafayette has a ski team. Even though it might not be within a half hour of skiing the ski team goes on trips on the weekends. I don't know very much about the team, just someone who is affiliated with it. I would think since Laf is not very big it might be more of a ski club than ski team.</p>

<p>I would stop by Bucknell. Loved the school, loved the engineering department. It might have a ski club also with transportation to ski hills.</p>

<p>Cornell is 1/2 hour from Greek Peak, great night skiing!</p>

<p>Umass Amherst has a very good engineering program, ski bus trips every weekend, as well as some local ski areas.</p>

<p>Son decided last night to also tour Bucknell so that's good. I'd like to maximize the trip and S said last night he thought we should see as many places as we could fit into the trip's just a matter of picking reasonable choices that make sense.</p>

<p>The University of Maine at Orono might be a possibility. People speak highly of its engineering programs. Don't know about ABET and all that. I would think that your S would be a candidate for the Honors College.</p>

<p>Dartmouth would be an obvious ski/engineering choice, although probably a significant reach.</p>

<p>If you are going to look in the Rochester vicinity, the University of Rochester is a very good school, with academic strength in the humanities and the STEM fields. Again, don't know anything about ABET status.</p>

<p>Have you thought about Colorado School of Mines? The choice of one kid I know who is into the sciences and a ranked snowboarder.</p>

<p>I don't have any school suggestions and don't want to be Debbie Downer but thought I'd throw out a cautionary tale. Back in the day, DH bombed out of UVM because the skiing was too available. Just a year or two ago, a friend who had sent his son to the same geographic area saw the first semester grades and told his kid to choose--skiing or college. I'd just be sure your son understands why he's going to college, particularly if he hopes to major in engineering.</p>

<p>60 mins. recently did a show on an engineering school in Baltimore - part of U of Md. and there is a ski resort in WVa. - Snowshoe Mnt.</p>

<p>Hrabowski:</a> An educator focused on math and science - CBS News</p>

<p>Snowshoe</a> Mountain Ski Resort - Official Website - Snowshoe, West Virginia</p>

<p>I have to second the suggestion for UMass Amherst. At the risk of sounding tiresome, it's the top rated public engineering program in New England and the OOS cost is reasonable (well below UVM). My S is a freshman there in engineering, doing well and enjoying it. The engineering college is a small school within the big university. The Five College Exchange program offers the opportunity to take classes at 4 area LAC's. Mt. Wachusett (1,000 foot vertical) is less than an our away and cheap student passes are available. Southern Vermont (Mt. Snow, etc.) is just over an hour away. The campus gets a bad rap, but other than a couple of 1960's vintage concrete monstrosities, it's actually quite attractive, with lots of open space. Amherst is a great college town. They are buidling a new honors dorm/classroom building, and have a spectacular new recreation center. I will say that my son hasn't had a lot of time for snowsports, though....</p>

<p>Can't really comment on schools but wanted to mention that a few yrs ago my eng'g S and some friends purchased New England season passes that covered the resorts, Sunday River and Sugarloaf in Maine, and Loon Mountain in New Hampshire. They offered an unlimited college pass and I think S and his friends thought they would get their money's worth by getting the season pass, even though none are die-hard skiers (and I don't think they were able to go out as much as they hoped). Still, something to think about given costs of skiing. S went to college in Boston so I expect these are all more than an hour away? </p>

<p>Ski</a> Sunday River, Sugarloaf & Loon all season with the New England Pass: the best season pass deal and best ski resorts in New England skiing</p>

<p>University of Rochester is very highly regarded for engineering. Dartmouth? Tufts?</p>