Need class suggestions for spring '12!

<p>My son (1st yr.) just found out that he may not be able to get into two of the classes he had been hoping to take next semester (needed a prerequisite for one, and the other is full already). </p>

<p>I seem to remember a list on this CC site about great courses to take at UVA ("How Things Work", "Espionage something", and another course in Anthropology dept. on race?). Anyone know the list I'm talking about? How do you find out whether the instructor is good or not also? And how does Lou's List help?</p>


<p>For information on UVa professors/classes your son should register for The Course Forum:
[theCourseForum[/url</a>] </p>

<p>Lou's list synthesizes the information on classes offered and their current availability in a much easier format than SIS. See [url=<a href=""&gt;]UVa&lt;/a> Class Schedule for Spring 2012 (Unofficial. Lou's List)](<a href=""&gt;
While Lou's list is set up to hight light courses within the College, one should also look at the other school's for interesting options that may be open. Also check out USEM's, primarily for first years. They are small classes taught by major professors. They can be hard to find on Lou's list -- UVa</a> Class Schedule - Complete Schedule of University Seminars - Spring 2012 (Unofficial, Lou's List).</p>

<p>If your son is interested in US Civil War History, Prof. Gallagher's seminar is a fabulous opportunity. For an interesting seminar on the Soviet Union, see Urbanovich's offerings. Michael Suarez is a very engaging speaker.</p>

<p>Best of luck to your son with this discomforting process. Quicker than he can imagine, he will be an upperclassman with higher priority in registration. Just a hint, for registration in the future -- those who have declared a major get priority over those who have not. So once he knows what he wants to declare, it pays to declare sooner rather than later. Just make sure he checks into the process for declaring required for his chosen major.</p>

<p>I can't tell you how grateful I am for your response! Sending him all this info. right now :).</p>