Need College Insight

Hi! Due to the COVID-19 crisis, all accepted student days have been canceled, so I will no longer get the opportunity to visit colleges in which I was accepted. I’m turning to this forum to try and get a feel for each of the colleges I’m considering. I would just like your honest opinion of each school and the vibe if you have attended (or why you didn’t attend).

A little about myself:
-I love sports/athletics,
-I’m invested in my academics and studying
-I play violin
-I’m interested in community service
-I’m not a huge partier but would like a present party scene
-looking for a non-dominant greek life
-Diverse student body (more so in terms of interests)
-I’m not sure what specific field of study I want to go into, so I would like strength in all areas of academia

The colleges that I would like opinions on are:
-Lehigh University
-Villanova University
-Franklin and Marshall College
-Dickinson College
-Skidmore College

Thank you!

Lehigh has very heavy Greek life I’ve, though it was suspended this past semester, so not sure how that will play out once everyone is back on campus.

Nova is the only school on your list with a big time sports vibe due to big east basketball, I think they have a pretty sizable greek life , there is a AMA here on Lehigh a few weeks ago, that may help.

Dickinson and maybe F&M seem to be your sweet spot. Dickinson has about 30% greek life participation so not dominant, a curriculum that emphasizes international focus and engagement, and great athletic facilities with teams competing in the competitive Centennial D3 conference. F&M has higher greek life participation, I believe, but also has a strong campus culture through the residential houses (think Hogwarts style houses, in terms of community rather than in terms of architecture). Also strong academics and athletics, competes in the same conference as Dickinson, along with Haverford, Swarthmore and others. Neither will have the big tailgate, Big 10 type football experience, but will have lots of support for teams because they are roommates, classmates and friends.

F & M fits your criteria, but Greek life is a bit more dominant than you might like.

Skidmore is the odd man out on your list in terms of vibe, being a little more “alternative” than the others. That said, I think it fits your criteria. Not terribly sporty though. Dickinson might fit your sweet spot. It was one of my daughter’s final choices. Nice school.

Overall, from your description and based on the colleges you are asking about, it seems that you lean a little more towards wanting a relaxed, non competitive atmosphere with good sports vibe and sense of community. For that reason, I think F & M is a great choice, with a firm vote for Dickinson if a lighter Greek presence is desired. I personally prefer Dickinson aesthetically, and I like their emphasis on globalism.

I vote for Dickinson! My son is a freshman there, and I think it checks all of the boxes. Dickinson also has a college farm, and is on the top of the list for best environmentally friendly campuses. (Just something that sets it apart)