Need help deciding what to do.

<p>My sister just came here from Pakistan and she has a Bachelors degree in Biology from there. She wants to go to school here and I was hoping someone can give me information on how I can get her into college here. I live in New york so I thought maybe she can do a nursing course or a speech course at a CUNY school. We are NOT looking for a full time job, she just wants to work maybe 2-3 days a week and make a small amount of money. Can someone give me ideas or help on how I can get her started? Thanks!</p>

<p>What’s the obstacle: finances? a legal work permit?</p>

<p>just so she can do something out of the house, she just wants to be busy and do something she likes to do (something in health sciences)</p>

<p>I am still not sure what sort of advice you are looking for. Does she know what she wants to do and is running into obstacles on the way? (e.g. tuition for a college course, or a legal work permit to get a job) Or does she not know what she wants to do and you are asking for ideas on how to kill time?</p>

<p>she knows she wants to do something in health sciences but we dont know how we can get the process started cause we dont know what the process is for a international student to study here</p>



<li>You apply for the course that interests you in the University you want to study in.</li>
<li>You get in.</li>
<li>You enroll.</li>
<li>You pay for your course.</li>
<li>You study/work.</li>
<li>You graduate.</li>


<p>Does she need a visa?</p>

<p>To qualify for a student visa, she would need to be a full-time student. A student visa won’t allow her to accept off-campus employment in her first year in school.</p>

<p>To qualify for a work visa, she would need a full-time job. </p>

<p>If she doesn’t need a visa, please ignore this post!</p>