Need Help with ED

<p>Guys I need some advice. I sent in my duke app a couple of weeks ago and looking at other people's stats I realize it was a bad idea. My question is if there is any way for me to change my status from regular decision to early decision. Also if I can't change my stats to early what are my chances with these stats. </p>

<p>GPA:3.98 2/692, SAT I:710 V, 710V, SAT II:720 IIC, 710 Writing, Need one more</p>

<p>EC:President of Comp Club, Treasurer of Future Business Leaders, membership in about 4 other honor socieites, chess club, student council, others.</p>

<p>Volunteer: 60 hrs at YMCA, 250 hrs at church</p>


<p>if you really want to change to early decision, you can try to call them and see what they say, but you will have to do that really soon, and they may say no. After all, you, your parents, and your guidance counselor have to sign something saying that you'll go if accepted. But see what they say, only they can tell you for sure. Why didn't you apply early in the first place if you really want to go? don't use early decision only as an admissions technique.
well, for pratt your chances aren't so great. the good news is that pratt will be accepting 50 more students this year than it has in the past. but the bad news is that your scores are low. A 710 math on the SATI and a 720 on the math IIC for an engineering school like pratt ... well it's a lot to overcome. Pratt has a VERY challenging curriculum so they want to admit students that they are confident will excel, and while you may be one of those kids, your scores don't show it. Your ECs aren't going to blow them away either. Your grades are definitely great, so that's a plus, but Duke rejects valedictorians that have higher scores than you... (I don't want to seem mean but that's just a fact)
Ok well I don't want to try and say that you have no chance, because of course you do. Your essay will have to be awesome and your recommendations will have to be really good as well. Good luck!</p>