Need Opinions!!!

<p>I am a 2010 high school graduate, and I applied to IU in April. My application can be counted as a late application, since it was only fully completed about 10 days ago. I'm currently waiting on a decision from IU, and would like some opinions as to what my chances are at getting in.</p>

<p>I hope to major in psychology, and that was the major I filled out for my application.
My GPA has climbed from ≈2.2 in my freshman year to ≈3.1 at the end of my senior year.
My GPA for my senior year is ≈3.9.
I took the SAT I 3 times, and my highest score for math and reading is 1300. My writing for this certain test was 550.</p>

<p>I participated in the Student council for three years, 2 years as class representative and 1 year as vice-president.
I participated in the Athletic council for two years, 1 year as class representative and 1 year as president.
I participated in basketball at the junior varsity and varsity level, where I was the captain of the varsity team during my senior year. Our team won first place during my junior year in an international school competition, and second place during my senior year in the same competition.
I have coached middle school baksetball and volleyball. In middle school basketball, my team took second place in an international school competition. As for middle school volleyball, I coached two different teams, who both earned first place in an international school competition.</p>

<p>I study in an American school in Taiwan, and I am Taiwanese.
I did not apply for financial aid, and am not in desperate need for it.</p>

<p>If there is anything you might need to rate me, please let me know. Thanks!</p>

<p>Well you're credentials are pretty good. But I have known some really great students (top 20 of graduating high school class with lots of extracurriculars) and they got rejected. I think your biggest problem is applying late. I don't know what IU's policy on that is. You might want to call and ask them a few questions or drop your admissions counselor an email.</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply! I have contacted them numerous times, and on the 10th of June, one of the staff members notified me that they have fully received my application, and the "a decision should be made in a few days". To my understanding, a few days is 3 or 4 days, and at most 5. I have no problem with waiting a couple weeks longer for a decision, as long as they are still reviewing my application... Does this mean that they have stopped reviewing my application? Or they have already rejected my application? I have not received any information concerning my decision in any way.</p>

<p>If they rejected you, they probably would have sent you an email or letter. I know its frustrating trying to get information from a college and all they do is put things off. You did your work, why couldn't they do theirs? (I had to wait a long time to hear from a college about the financial aid they were going to give me. It drove me nuts.) Well, since its been 8 days, I'd say go ahead and call them again. " A decision should be made in a few days" was probably the lazy answer giben by one of the secretaries that didnt know your info or was too lazy to look it up. I know for a fact and from experience that the IU office workers are not very friendly. Maybe it has something to do with IU having some many people. I don't know.</p>

<p>you also might be able to check your admission status here. Check</a> Your Admission Status: Office of Admissions: Indiana University Bloomington</p>

<p>Thanks again. I called them up last night, and one of the staff members told me that my application had been reviewed and a decision has been made. Unfortunately, he was not able to see what the decision was, but he told me that I will most probably receive the decision on Tuesday or Wednesday. (At least I have a date to wait on now!) Thanks once again.</p>

<p>I think you have an excellent chance of being accepted. Your SAT scores are very good and your gpa is probably acceptable for an international student, as it is difficult to evaluate grades from foreign schools. IU superscores the SAT, so the score they use for evaluating admission may actually be higher than the 1300 you got in one sitting, which is already a very good score. Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks for replying. And also thanks for the positive comment. I guess all I can do now is wait for my decision! :D</p>

<p>I just receieved an email saying that I will be getting my decision letter soon, Thursday by the latest, and that I am admitted to IU. Thanks for the replies!!!</p>


<p>CONGRATULATIONS! Nice you see you were so excited to attend, and that you met your goal.</p>