need some advice

<p>I was accepted at a TOP 50 U.S News ranked liberal arts college. Unfortunately, my financial aid package isn't all that great but I can afford to go there. My parents want me to go there but still the financial burden is damn SCARY. I was also accepted to some 'no name' colleges with better financial assistance. Where should I go considering that I KNOW FOR SURE that after I finish my undergraduate studies I want to go for Phd studies at the BIG-NAME schools ?</p>

<p>I mean, Will the prestige of the undergraduate school be the ABSOLUTELY DECISIVE FACTOR in Graduate Admission or employment ?</p>

<p>please give me some insights on this issue: the prestige of undergraduate institution in graduate admission.</p>

<p>The prestige of undergrad factors very little in graduate admission. It depends more on your grades, research experience and GRE scores. So if you have those things going for you, the name of undergrad will not matter. So choose the school that will provide a good education and will not be a financial burden on you.</p>

<p>Hi mrtambourineman,</p>

<p>Would you mind disclosing the names of the institutions so people could give a more informed opinion?
Just as a sideline, between us Romanians, do you know Andrei Postelnicu? The guy went to a totally unknown (can't remember the name), "no-name" college in the US and now is a writer for Financial Times (and Rom. magazine Dilema). I know this is not very relevant grad-school-wise, but just a thing I needed to say here.</p>

<p>the U.S News ranked liberal arts college to is Wabash (IN). i really do not mind the fact that it's not coeducational. Student life is really not a factor for me.</p>

<p>well.. i don't think that Harvard or Yale will enroll you just because you study in a place that is worse than wabash. anyway, i don't think that i'm a good adviser but you have to get to know your choices better. what do alums do? in what grad schools are they right now?</p>

<p>Would you mind disclosing the "no-name" colleges as well?</p>

<p>the "no name" school is McKendree College (IL)</p>

<p>Incidentally, I actually heard about McKendree and thought about applying there - though I did not know anything about its USNews rank. I am wondering how much more name recognition does Wabash trigger in opposition to McKendree with grad-schools. And, secondly, if this name-recognition is worth the price difference. Also, would there be a significant difference in education? How do you see things, mrtambourineman?</p>

<p>In my uninformed opinion, maybe McKendree would be the better buy if they give you significantly better FA. But, then again, I have never been to the USA so I am just asking questions here.</p>

<p>I still have to review financial conditions carefully (especially loan conditions and the campus employment thing). the financial aid packages might be pretty similar afterall. and i think i'll never know which school offers a better education but wabash certainly does a better job at advertising itself.</p>

<p>actually I am also waiting my financial aid package from Marlboro College (which is a tiny school in Vermont that offers a very special academic program and does a very good job at preparing students for graduate studies) and I hope and pray I won't have to make this decision between mckendree and wabash.</p>