Need some help with ISFAA

<p>i am an international student and am having some trouble filling out the ISFAA. i want plenty of aid and am planning to apply for a full tuition aid so what am i supposed to write in the "Expected Family Contribution" column. Cannot leave it blank, can i?</p>

<p>also in other forms am i supposed to write the total cost(as i want full aid) in the assistance needed or aid column?</p>

<p>Can somebody help????? plz.............</p>

<p>Just use whatever you think you can contribute. If you are hoping for full-tuition assistance, you would still have to contribute a 5-digit sum to cover room and board, medical insurance, airfare, incidentals, etc.</p>

<p>I am having a problem as well...guys plz help me out...</p>

<p>The ISFAA talks about 'educational costs'. I think housing and romm&board is included in this section. So just fill in how much you are able to pay. If you're applying to a college other than Harvard, Yale, etc. a zero contribution can only hurt your chances, so I would go for at least a little bit of contribution from yourself.</p>