Need some suggestions about McGill transfer admission, plz help me

Hey guys, I am currently a student in a top10 Canadian university. I just finished my freshman year, and I am trying to transfer to the Faculty of Arts with a 3.59 CGPA. (I got a C last year which brought my CGPA down a lot…)

Due to the Covid-19, my current institution allows students to choose satisfactory/non-satisfactory on the transcript. McGill’s website announces that “A change in your school’s grading will not negatively impact your offer of admission. If your school moves to a pass/fail or a satisfactory/unsatisfactory assessment method, we will accept such grades.”. However, when I discussed with the McGill service point online chat, the staff told me that display a letter grade and don’t choose satisfactory might be a wise choice. These two different statements made me confused and raised a question for me.

If I choose satisfactory on 2 of my courses (both B+), my CGPA will boost to 3.67. Do you think should I submit a full transcript with a 3.59 CGPA, or a revised transcript with a 3.67 CGPA? Does McGill prefer a higher CGPA or a transcript with full letter grades? If I submit a transcript without any satisfactory grades, is it possible for me to get into McGill Faculty of Arts with a 3.59 CGPA?

I am in a hurry about this situation, because the deadline to choose satisfactory on some courses is May 14th, and I cannot adjust after that date. Therefore, Your opinions are very valuable to me!

Thank you!

If your current school chooses to ONLY give pass/fail or satisfactory/unsatisfactory for everyone it will not affect your admission to McGill. If they give you the option of pass/fail or a letter grade and you choose pass/fail that may affect your admission.


Hey! I’m also looking to transfer to Arts! If youre willing to share, did you get accepted? How long was the wait? :slight_smile:

Any “top 10” Canadian university is very good. Do you have a good reason to want to transfer to McGill?

Hi, I have the same situation as you this year. I am wondering how did you deal with that and the result. Thanks so much