Needing advice about BA vs. BFA in theatre

Hi all, I was just wondering if doing a BA instead of a BFA in theatre creates any kind of handicap in terms of finding work after graduation? My daughter is mostly interested in film acting professionally once she’s done with her training. And does the answer to this question hinge at all on whether a school offers both degrees or just a BA? Meaning if a school offers both and my daughter ends up in the BA program, does this look bad to casting directors, etc? Thanks!

I’m so sorry- I haven’t been checking CC regularly.
Everyone will have a different opinion on this, but I think that BFA/BA makes no difference in the audition room. How successful you are will depend upon your performance in the room and your perseverance. Some of the most talented students I have ever had were BA students by choice because they wanted the flexibility that the BA has to offer. Again, my opinion only- a college degree is not a means to an end, but an opportunity for education and growth…and that can look a lot of different ways.

I agree with the above that the audition is the most important. If interested, the CDs (Casting Directors) might glance at the resume. Will they know if a school had both a BFA and a BA and will it make a difference at that point? Doubtful.

One big difference however is a showcase upon graduation, with agents. Getting an agent is VERY important and a huge step. I would consider this factor in the decision, whether the BAs get or attend a showcase to agents at the end. There are other ways to get agents, but having them all there and having your school train you for that performance is important.

My D purposely chose a BA, at a school that only offered BA, but she turned down a BA offer at a school that had both. She wanted the flexibility to study other things and boy has she taken advantage of it (double major, Screenwriting minor). This has completely worked out for her as she has likely changed her mind about acting, after having had some success at home and then auditioned in LA for two years.

That flexibility does come at a price…the training will be less intensive. But for many students this is the right choice, in terms of (IMO): thriving at their school, being able to explore. Any gaps in training can be made up in outside classes after graduation (ongoing training is required for acting), if needed, or a BA student may find that they are able to customize their acting training to exactly what they want. You should be able to check the curriculums for the BA and BFA programs online or with the dept.