Nepal Class of 2023

Use this thread for all Nepalese applying in the fall of 2019.
Unlike other years, this year CC is too silent and nothing is goin on, so I thought I would make this thread.

hi there, what are your stats?

Hey guys. I am a former Amherst student from Nepal. If you need any help with the application process, essays, or about the life at Amherst, just PM me. I’ll be happy to help
Good luck to ya’ all !

Hey CautiousCarrot, can you have a look at my stats ?I’m looking to apply to the top LAC’s particularly Bowdoin. Would be very grateful if you helped. :slight_smile:

Sure why not. PM me your stats and all if you are hesitant to share them here itself.

Are you applying ED @nikolateslaxxx

@Momonepal Yes, what about you?

Yeah…Dartmouth maybe or NU. Where you hitting ED

if everything goes right, a top lac

Williams amherst …swarthmore bowdoin I guess

@Momonepal did you give the SAT this oct 6th?

Yup …you ? First attempt?

This thread is way too inactive compared to the last few years and the time I applied to colleges.
It seems like a mere conversation between two people so far

is anybody applying to vanderbilt, cornell, or northwestern?

@eagle2x I was thinking about Northwestern or Dartmouth but now I won’t be applying.

@Momonepal Why?

Hey guys! I messed up my SAT (Oct 6) and I am retaking in December. I don’t have my hopes high as my A level results came out to be worse than I had expected.

@legend125 what were your scores? dont worry anything is possible

Yeah mine too @legend125

I got a 1360 on the SAT: 620 in CR&W and 740 in Maths. My grades dropped from all As in the first year to ABBB. I don’t consider it to be awful but then I don’t have any ECs which is going to make me stand out among the applicants. What are your scores? @Momonepal @nikolateslaxxx
And seriously why is this thread so inactive?