NESCAC 2024 women's soccer recruiting timeline

At this time, are coaches still focused on completing their 2023 classes and preseason? When does focus typically shift to the next year - 2024 - for the NESCAC coaches?

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Yes. They are finishing up the 23s right now. Film for 24s from their school season and then their spring season should be considered paramount. Full games and highlights. Make sure to annotate games with times in/out, uniform number and color and other identifying tags.

we found that for my daughter high academic D3s started reaching out a little spring of her sophomore year if they saw her play in person or she sent video highlights, communication picked up throughout junior year, academic pre reads started summer after junior year and most offers are done by now - early September of senior year with coaches encouraging students to apply ED1. So for a 2024, coaches probably have their preliminary lists now - know who they are going to make a priority to see in person and start working through that list after their season ends so that by June they have their group of pre reads ready