Neuroscience and research

<p>Can anyone speak to the neuroscience program and the opportunity for research? Thanks.</p>

<p>Jkeil911 - my daughter and I visited in October and she loved the school. Sorry no one has yet answered you. We’ve been told there’s ample opportunity for research in all departments. Centre is one of her top choices. We’re praying she gets in. Good luck to you!</p>

<p>thank you, msquaredsmomma. I wish you and your daughter success. I take it she’s not pursuing neuroscience. It is hard to get info about this school.</p>

<p>Thanks Jkeil911 - But it’s not a negative reflection on Centre. It’s because of the strong bias Cc’ers have towards schools either on the coasts or if they are in the Midwest they’re schools that are higher ranked. Can you scrape up some coins for a visit? It’s worth it. At least that’s what DD and I think. She’s still mulling over her major but she is definitely premed. We adore this school. Wishing much success to you.</p>

<p>Thank you, msm, and to you and your daughter as well. I disagree with you about where the fault lies, however. Any LAC that isn’t doing everything it can to recruit students, including using electronic media, will die in the next twenty years. I look at Pitt and Lafayette as models, but members of CC can probably offer better examples. Get a student on work study to set up a webpage with daily posts from her campus tour classmates and photos and an occasional pro video of the campus and you’ve got a source of information on the school that this generation will look at and study. These college books like fiske and princeton won’t be the starting place for the next generation of college goers. They’re going to expect web-sourced info and data. If schools cannot show amateur video of exciting basketball games in mostly full gymnasiums; if they cannot show the beauty of the campus in three seasons; if they cannot provide interviews with RAs and frat brothers; if they cannot show the housing in some detail, they’re not going to survive because other schools do and will continue to.</p>

<p>Jkeil911- well stated and high praise. I hope someone in their school community heeds your advice.</p>