New business major at Rice university

Hi all!
If any of u applied to rice to major in business, may he\she share their experience with us. How does it affect their chances of admissions to apply to a new major?
I am really interested in business. In the previous years students that got admitted from my country, majored, mostly, in CS. I do not know if my application would be boosted, as i am applying to a new major that does not have a lot of students.
Thanks in advance!

Rice’s business major will get a lot of attention. Rice already places graduates extremely well into investment banks and top consulting firms. This major will only help attract more students.


Saying you’re interested in the business major won’t affect your admission prospects. However @tristatecoog is surely right that the major will encourage more people to apply.

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Are you sure ?

“Because of the common core requirements, it is possible for [Rice] students to change their major concentration at any time, even after initially declaring the major.”

Also, Rice says there will no limits to undergrad business enrollment.

There are only majors in finance and management and the program will have outstanding students but isn’t well established. Are the IB employers currently hiring Econ and Management Studies (Business light) majors, STEM or any major like they do at Ivies? If so will having a finance degree draw more banks? I’d think more employers will be intrigued by the prospect.

I imagine there will be a substantial number of students applying for the undergrad b-school and will be a good value for those that fall in the Tuition Promise range vs a school like UT which doesn’t offer as much FA.

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Rice does not admit students by major. You can major in anything you like at Rice except architecture or music (those require acceptance by portfolio or audition). Students do not have to declare a major until the end of sophomore year. .Many Rice students change majors and double major. If you are interested in the new business major that might be one of the things you mention in the question that asks Why Rice?


There are ways to improve your admission prospects but they all involve hard work: stronger school performance, higher test scores, more and better extracurriculars, etc. Simply claiming you’re interested in a business major doesn’t provide any useful information and hence doesn’t improve your odds.

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Thank you for your response. @ricegrad

@tristatecoog provided an answer in a post above : “Rice says there will be no limit to undergrad business enrollment.”

Unlike limited enrollment majors–such as CS–or majors desperately in need of students at many schools–such as German or Classics, it appears that indicating an interest in studying business at Rice is unlikely to affect one’s chances of admission.

No majors at Rice are limited except for architecture and music. CS is not limited enrollment.

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Then CS is an exceptional opportunity at Rice University.

Yes it is. CS is one of the most popular majors at Rice.