New new American Idol thread (2010).

<p>Thought it was time for a new one. I'll start.</p>

<p>Bikini boy and cat killer. Wow.</p>

<p>I say the young girl from Italy (supposively. On American Idol?) has teen pop star written all over her!</p>

<p>I missed it. Grrrrrrr.</p>

<p>A guy came out wearing a bikini then started gyrating. it was not pretty. The judges actually walked out.</p>

<p>abasket - The Italian girl was good, though her talking voice was unusual. And the girl with the wig who sang to Simon about buying him Rogain was pretty good. What about that football player guy? I actually thought his voice was good, I think his obnoxiousness was what stopped them from putting him through.</p>

<p>Agreed on the football player - he actually probably had a decent voice, but they sure didn't like his attitude - he kind of blew it for himself.</p>

<p>Also thought the one young woman wearing the bandana and big silver earrings who had a raspy voice (her job was something with karaoke?) really seemed to be a favorite with the judges. I liked her but thought she was a little over doing her voice. </p>

<p>One more night of "audition" stuff then we get to the good stuff next week!</p>

<p>Her voice reminded me of Pink. Sounds like she could strain it pretty easy though.</p>

<p>So far I really like Todrick Hall and Charity Vance (from previous episodes)</p>

<p>I missed it last night too but thanks for starting the new thread. Clean sheets are nice.</p>

<p>Hooray for Hollywood! I really can't stand the auditions anymore. Too many teasers of who got through to Hollywood without hearing them sing. I don't want to see the judges coming in via helicopter anymore. :rolleyes:</p>

<p>It kills me when they are dismissed and wont leave. The judges are actually kind enough and the contestant wont give up.....</p>

<p>I read that Todrick may have had some trouble with some taking $$$ from kids/parents for some children's theater stuff and then not following through - I can't remember more specifics and am not sure if he was officially "disqualified" or what. </p>

<p>AI - always has the drama!</p>

<p>Bikini Boy was ridiculous, but awesome! Who has the courage to seriously go out there and do that! I love how the judges just got up and walked out. But props to Bikini Boy for even trying. That takes guts! In case you missed it... MSN</a> TV: Home</p>

MSN Outreach</p>

<p>When is Ellen coming? She makes me smile :).</p>

<p>Who is watching?</p>

<p>Andrew is excellent.</p>

<p>Using the mute button a lot tonight.</p>

<p>But the blond girl on the guitar was good (Janelle).</p>

<p>You have to wonder how some of these people made it to Hollywood.</p>

<p>The blond girl with the red tights that sang "terrified" gave me chills. She was good. (Deedee?)</p>

<p>And the girl that sang after her. (Crystal?)</p>

<p>I was not impressed today. Let see the next program...</p>

<p>I liked Crystal, Lily, Didi. (I'm assuming it's a girl's turn this year and the producers will do their best to make that happen, so I haven't been paying much attention to the guys.) But where are the usual bunch of belters?</p>