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<p>Hi All, </p>

<p>I have 7th grade daughter who wants to go to prep school.
I needed to know when should I start my admission process. She needs to attend in 9th grade that is Aug 2013 she starts school. When should she take SSAt ? </p>


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<p>She should take the SSAT in her 8th grade year, if she's applying for 9th grade. She could take the SSAT this year, but the scores are only valid for a year, so she would need to take it again next year anyways. 7th grade scores could give you an idea of her usual range on the SSAT--which is more challenging than state standardized tests. They could also help to identify any holes in her preparation. </p>

<p>The thread above gets sidetracked into SSAT theories, but the first post is a good timeline.
Use the search function on the prep school admissions forum to find other interesting threads.</p>

<p>Note that many schools have moved their applications online, and many schools accept common applications from the SSAT or the Association of Boarding Schools (TABS). </p>


<p>Thank you so much. That application guideline is perfect</p>

<p>FWIW, I would not wait until August to starting thinking about the set of schools you want to visit/request info from. Depending on your location/summer schedule, you might want to squeeze in some visits/interviews this summer. Best of luck!</p>