New years Pop up makes reading impossible

There’s a pop up that takes up most of the screen that’s new today, on my phone. It makes reading the forums impossible. @ccadminjon @CC_Jon @CC_Sorin


@cinnamon1212, I’ll report the issue internally. Thanks!

Thank you for reporting this issue. I wanted to, but the popup prevented me from even doing that. I see the pop up has been removed now. The site was completely unusable.


Yes. The pop up was removed on mobile until we figure out a way to improve the experience.

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I came here to post the same thing! I couldn’t get rid of the pop up and finally gave up on my phone.

@MaineLonghorn, just to confirm, are you still getting the pop up on mobile? I’m not and was told it was deactivated but want to make sure all is well now.

I just checked and it’s gone now. Thanks!

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Awesome! Thanks for confirming, @MaineLonghorn.