new york city public school

<p>i got accepted to Bard High school early college and Millennium high school.
im wondering where i should go.
help me out by telling me some of the pros and cons!</p>


<p>bard is more prestigious</p>

<p>Millennium is a cooler name than Bard. Ergo, go to Millennium.</p>

I know for a fact that those public school decisions come out in February if you've been accepted to a Specialized School, and at the very latest, March if you don't. Your decision was due about two months ago. Why are you posting this thread now?
P.S. I also know that those two schools are in the same "category," meaning that when you apply to these schools, you must rank them in the order you would attend. When decisions come out, you are informed of the highest ranked school you were accepted to. So you would not be accepted to Millennium and Bard; you'd be accepted to the one you ranked higher. Stop trolling.</p>

<p>i am a late applicant fyi. and bard and millennium are not specialized school. however, i had to go through a interview and test for bard. i had to go through an interview for millennium. i heard back from the schools about 3 days after the interview. i got a phone call from the principal (who i had the interview with) notifying that i got accepted. and i did not rank any of the school. the counselor in the department of education asked me which schools i am looking at; i told her, millennium and bard. she set me up with an interview and she did not ask me which schools were my top choice. so please get your fact straight before you act like you know something. THANKS.</p>

<p>By Specialized School, I meant Stuy, Bronx Sci, etc., smart one. Of course I know that Bard and Millennium aren't Specialized.
I also applied to Millennium. They don't require an interview, merely an optional essay. Sources: NYC students, the public high school directory which you should have a copy of, and this link: Millennium</a> High School
And you may be a special case or whatever, but you DO have to rank your schools. Always. How</a> the High School Admissions Process Works - Admissions Process - New York City Department of Education

<p>oh dear, you would know that millennium requires an interview if you did go through the process. i thought they didn't require an interview and we needed an essay but honey, after i went through the actual process, nope we didn't need an sample essay but i had an interview with Mr. Rhodes, the principal. And for your information, i didn't rank any of the school. It quite ironic how you don't know any of this **** and your rambling on about it. I've been through this whole process, merely a week ago. I got accepted to Millennium AND bard, and i will be going to Bard this September so bang bang LOL. btw, do you have nothing better to do than to troll? i mean, why the hell would you say **** like this when i merely asked, which school is a better school. get a life lame babe.</p>

<p>nope, not at all.
i NEVER, EVER wanted/wished to go to stuy or bronx so i dont really give. so whatever you say babe</p>

<p>What's important is the college acceptance. There are folks are mediocre schools that still get into top postsecondary institutions. High school is very overestimated in importance sometimes.</p>

<p>^U mad brah?</p>

<p>I went through the process, and you arguing your case without any evidence to back it up means nothing. Maybe it's because you're a rising JUNIOR who still can't get into any respectable school as a regular applicant that makes you exempt from the process...
"I got accepted to Millennium AND bard, and i will be going to Bard this September so bang bang LOL."
You can't be serious. Normally, I don't trash people's schools because I feel that it's a really low and very mean thing to do, but getting into two mediocre public schools is really nothing to brag about, like you did. Getting into Hotchkiss/Deerfield/Lawrenceville/Exeter/Andover? Yes, you can brag. Bard? No.
Never wanted to go? More like never was smart enough to get in...</p>