Niagara University Student Life

My son completed his Freshman year at Niagara this past spring. He has loved his experience there and is a BFA Theatre Major. I thought it would be nice to start a thread about this school as it has very little out there. Every school has good and bad experiences, but I thought it would be an excellent place to start.
For our family, we have been very happy with all aspects of the school. Our son has always been in sports, music, and volunteering in his community. These were all things important to him in a college he would attend. Niagara made him feel wanted, not just a number. They talked about and shared stories of volunteerism and activism, both of great importance to him. He can grow in his field of study and enjoys his teachers and fellow students. The financial aid department has been helpful, as has residence life.
They have many things to do throughout the week and on weekends for all the students and encourage everyone to get involved in clubs and activities. They have food trucks and special events throughout the semester to keep the kids involved on campus.