Nigerian Applicants

It would be nice if would could all give each other advice and get some advice from previous applicants :slight_smile:

But anybody from any country can give advicee :slight_smile:

This forum is full of advice – what kind do you need?

Hey :wink:
Previous Nigerian applicant here. What kind of advice are you looking for?

Yo wassup homeboy. Watcha need?

Basiaclly test scores
If you took subject tests
Extra curricular stuff and everything
Just any advice really


I used Khan Academy for the SAT. Take practice tests as often as you can. I don’t have any advice for the subject tests since I murdered them. :))

Extracurriculars are posted in the “Can more graduated seniors do ‘actual results’ threads?” thread.

Start early. Do not procrastinate. Forget dream schools. Work hard on every aspect of the application. Get ready to be crushed, but also don’t lose hope. Craft your application like it’s a movie. Would you want to see that movie? Make it cohesive and memorable. Don’t try to make your application like everyone else’s. Be brave.