NJIT 2024 Honors class

Hello , any news yet on NJIT 202 Honors class scholarships. My s18 has got admission and a generous merit award, “almost full tuition” but no news from NJIT honors college yet.
Please post on any awards\grants . Also haven’t heard back on Honors residential award yet

@RRRGSP Same here, my D is accepted with stats typical of honors college, but no news from the honors college yet.

This NJIT honors college website says honors applicants who apply early action will receive their decisions “in December”


What are your sons SAT scores if u don’t mind me asking?

SAT 1530, but he has a ton of volunteering hours and we are in state @NJ and NJIT merit awards really make it alluring as a parent. :slight_smile:
But as usual it’s a conflicted decision, should we take the award & go there or is the reputation puts you off

The school is very good as far as I can tell, it gets a bad reputation because it is in Newark and its a public state school. I think it would be a great option but obviously you should do whatever is best for you and your son financial needs and happiness.

Also, would the honors college acceptance or rejection letter come in the mail? or would it be online on the portal?

Not sure how the honors college acceptance letter comes, as we haven’t received that as yet. We just received by Mail , regular admissions offer with the grant\merit aid

Anyone hear from honors college yet?

Nothing here. Still waiting.

Has anyone from out of state received merit scholarships? Thanks.

@matt2024 We’re OOS and my D received a merit scholarship letter. I think it came in a separate envelope in the mail after acceptance was noted in the portal. There’s also a separate batch of money associated with honors college acceptance, which can be up to full tuition + room for OOS.

My D just was just notified of Honors College acceptance in her portal. No word on additional merit yet. In previous years, I believe that came in the mail.

I am 99% sure I applied to the honors college (I wrote the essay and everything), but is there something on anyone’s portal than just confirms they know you applied to the honors college?

how was the notification visible on the portal ? is it a separate tab ?

@NJdadEngineer On the applicant status portal, it’s in small letters partway down the screen. At the top in bold is the “Application Decision: Admitted” message, then there’s the table of Application Checklist documents, and below that there’s a message in small font that’s new on the portal in the last few days.
Decision for the Albert Dorman Honors College Application is:
Honors College Accept (HA)

Congrats on your child @stencils !!
Can you let me know if there was any previous thing on their portal that said the honors college decision was pending or anything? Or did it just show up?

@Mandaman11 The only thing in the portal about honors prior to the acceptance was the “Honors Recommendation Letter” in the checklist of submitted materials. I think that just indicated she submitted the additional common app questions to be considered for honors.

Thank you and Congratulations !!!

My son applied to NJIT with the common app for early action & honors. No letter of acceptance yet. I assume the letter gives the portal login? He contacted the admissions dept today & they had his ACT score but not SAT. He was given a person’s email to send a pdf of his score report. But his college board account says it was sent.
Soooo just wondering if anyone has yet to get the acceptance letter? He asked the admissions person but they did not really give a date to hear by, just that it would come in the mail. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated!

Same here. Looks like my S17 has been admitted to the Honors College. We checked the Portal & it says Decision for the Albert Dorman Honors College Application is:
Honors College Accept (HA)