Northeastern Fall 2022 Transfer Thread

hmm, I wouldn’t say probably, it can be, but who knows. I wouldn’t expect anything until end of may

ahhh ok thanks :slight_smile:

I sent them a mail asking about the decisions and they said this: Hello,

The date of June 15th is the date that we guarantee we will notify you by. It is likely that you will receive notification of an admission decision before this but we cannot guarantee it.

thats lowkey insane lol. june 15 is way past the deadlines for most schools. honestly if i dont hear anything before june 1st im just gonna move on


same honestly

I got a request for my winter quarter grades a couple days ago and called them. When I asked they said to expect decisions beginning-mid June.


does NEU have an expedited list for decisions by any chance? i have to submit a deposit to another school by May 19th in order not to lose my spot… but NEU is my dream school so I’m not sure what I should do

they said no I think

I just received my decision today - accepted! Good luck to everyone else awaiting a decision!


Really?? Did you get a mail?

Also when did you apply?

congrats!! when did you apply

Do you have proof that you got the decision?

■■■ i wonder if admissions lied to me i emailed asking and they said everyone would hear back at the end of may

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congrats tho! thats sick

Thank you! and I did not get an email; I just opened my applicant portal this afternoon and it prompted me to the letter. I honestly could have gotten the decision yesterday too because I haven’t checked my portal in a few days and they never sent me an email saying my decision was out. I applied in the beginning of March, I think March 10th.

Guys I just logged into the portal and I’m on a big red screen that says “the wait is over” IM SO SCARED TO CLICK LMAO i think its good I’ll be back in like 5 minutes

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I got in!!! Decisions might be out for some of y’all, check!


Omg congrats!!!

Congrats! I applied on February and nothing :frowning: to what school did you apply?