Northeastern Fall 2022 Transfer Thread

I applied to the college of engineering!

Congrats to all who have been accepted. Did you get your financial aid letter as well? Do you know how much you are expected to pay?

I got no financial aid. Tuition is roughly $59,000 and there is no on campus housing available

Hey guys I just made a Discord server for prospective transfers, feel free to join!


did anyone get a response today?

I haven’t. Does anyone know if they release them by school/major, region, or by when you submitted your application?

hi everyone i ended up transferring to northeastern last fall so if anyone has any questions lmk!

Do u know what day/time u got ur decision ?

May 21st at 4pm ET :slight_smile:

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Just quick question. What were your stats? We’re you a freshman or sophomore? And where did you transfer from

Any tips for finding off campus housing? Was it easy to integrate with the NEU community still and make friends as an off campus transfer?

Northeastern has an Off Campus Housing Office that might be able to help you. In the NU Parents Facebook group parents frequently post looking for roommates for apartments near campus or in Mission Hill. Lightview is a nice building near campus if they have any openings.

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Stats at the time I applied:
High School:
HS GPA Weighted: 5.4/5.0
HS GPA Unweighted: 4.6/5.0
Took 9 AP classes, the rest honors in HS
Varsity soccer player for all 4 years, involved in some clubs but no leadership roles
Worked as a fellow for a presidential campaign half of my senior year

I decided to take my first semester off to work full time on the election, then i went to the University of Colorado for the spring semester.

CU Boulder:
GPA: 3.86/4.0
Involved in no clubs

Ended up applying to Northeastern that spring, so I was a sophomore transfer with freshman standing due to my credits. I think what stood out and helped my application was my work experience because of how heavily they emphasize experiential learning- so my semester off was sort of like a co-op.

I would consider living at Lightview. That is where most transfer students live because NEU does not provide housing to transfers (dont get me started on that lol). It has been very difficult for me to integrate myself and make friends because of this. Even with joining clubs/sports etc it is harder because most people have established friend groups that they live with or have known from being on campus longer.

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did anyone receive their response today?

northeastern usually releases at 4pm

ohhh I didn’t know that! thank you!

FYI just talked to some people from admissions that said that decisions will almost certainly be released before June 15

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last years was a wave this Friday at 4pm, so it’s very likely that some people will hear today