Northeastern Fall 2022 Transfer Thread


nothing for me either

My daughter got in. Rejected from BU and Tufts, so this is welcome news.


does anyone know if decisions comes out on weekends as well or if it’s only business days?

I think is only business days

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Accepted to College of Science!


I have to add, no housing provided for Sophomore transfers. Not too thrilled about that.

Im just committing to BU, northeastern is just taking too long

Wait for next Friday, I’m sure they going to release more decisions

Yesterday morning I checked my portal and there was nothing. However, I checked in the evening and was accepted to the college of science. According to the acceptance letter, my deposit is due June 3, so exactly two weeks from my acceptance date.


Northeastern Fall 2022 Transfers | Facebook I struggled to meet other transfer folks so I thought making a FB group for students who are attending would be fun to get to know each other! :slight_smile:

Anyone hear back today??

I didn’t

I just checked my portal and I got in!


People who got in, did u guys receive a mail saying that the decision was ready?

Does anyone know if you can be waitlisted as a transfer?

i was waitlisted at RIT as a transfer.

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Rejected today


I still haven’t heard back from them… anyone hear back yet?