Northeastern University 2021 EA

Yes we got that parents email update email to

Yes, seems pretty standard email to EA applicants

Yes received

I did not get it what did it say.

Hi - the letter said:

“Early Action decisions will be released electronically no later than February 1.

If you have received good news from another institution and decided to enroll there, we ask that you please withdraw your application by logging in to your Application Status Check.”

Me, too, same email… got excited when I first saw it, lol

check in your promotions /junk/spam folders sometimes filtered out

Just a reminder from the original post - these emails don’t mean anything in terms of decisions! Hang in there people :slight_smile:


The closer we get to the date, the more I wished i’d apply ED 2


Is there any chance decisions will be out today?

i think it’s a bit early, maybe next week wednesday ?

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I agree. I’m going to take an educated guess that it’s either next wed/thurs/fri or the week after same days

Has anyone called the admissions office and asked? No need to if you haven’t already, but I’m just curious as to what they’ve said. I know they said that they would definitely be out by the 1st of Feb, but I don’t think any of us want to be on edge next week for no reason

In my experience with waiting for decisions with other schools, if you call they’re just going to tell you “by feb 1st” even though it will be before then :confused:

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This is exactly what will happen, they don’t give any info at all.

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Fingers crossed for 1/20 release


Not sure about Northeastern specifically, but I know of at least one other private school that emailed EA applicants and asked if they wanted to switch to ED2. Might be worth calling admissions to ask? Good luck!


Hi, I’m interested in the NuIn program! If you remember, how quickly did the spots fill up for London?

Yeah but i think they have a specific deadline for it… and if they do release decisions next week. Odds are they’ve made a decision. I wouldn’t wanna hurt my app. by making it look like i’m last minute.

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On the application what do we need to choose for NUIn program ?