Northeastern University 2021 RD

Hi All,

This thread is for any discussion/decisions for RD admissions this year!

Expected Decision Date

The official decision date is by April 1st, but historically decisions are released earlier, likely on a Wednesday. This year it will likely be one of March 17th, 24th, or 31st, but could be any Tuesday-Thursday between March 10th to April 1st based on the past 5 years of decisions. The earliest release since 2018 was March 13th, and the latest was March 26th. At a personal level, I would suspect March 24th, but again, this is purely speculative.

Decisions are released in waves starting at 4PM EST. Social media posts will appear around 4PM EST on the release date. If it is past 4:30PM EST with no results or social media posts, results are not coming out on that day.

Historically, many people try to make sense of emails and random portal changes, but no pattern appears to exist. Please do not try to read into them as it tends to cause needless anxiety for the group. The same goes for speculation on the decision date. My personal advice is to assume March 24th and to only check at 4PM EST on the proceeding Wednesday. Checking early does not gain an advantage as all applicants will get an email about 30 minutes after their decision is ready.

Previous Admission Cycle Archive Thread (Including Previous Dates)

Merit Aid, Honors, and Financial Aid

If offered, these will be on separate tabs on the admissions portal. If you do not have the tabs, you did not get them.

Financial aid should also be ready if you got all forms submitted in time, but it is not uncommon for them to require more info.

Release Times

On decision day, waves are released hourly on the hour, loosely by geography. Here are some estimated time ranges:

New England: 4-6PM EST
Southern States: 7-9PM EST
Midwest: 6-9PM EST
West Coast: 8-10PM EST
International: Varies

Posting Decisions

To all those posting decisions, posting the following info would be greatly helpful to people this year and especially in future years. The hope is to compile this information to give some numbers to future applicant pools. Feel free to post as much information as you are comfortable with.

Decision (and if deferred):
Did you apply for FA?:

Interpreting Decisions

Acceptances: Congrats! More information will be released, but you can find a good deal of info in the linked thread below. Please note there may be changes to depending on the state of COVID in Fall and this will likely cause delays in the availability of information. Information / FAQ

Denials: Know that admissions are an imperfect process and what schools you get into or attend do not define you as a person! Good luck with your other college decisions!

Thanks and good luck to all!


is march 24th or the 31st more likely?

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considering how long they waited to release EA, I’m thinking the 31st

Hi everyone! Good luck on RD decisions this year! I was accepted ED2 and I cannot wait to see all of you next year on campus. Let me know if you need help with anything, chancing, etc. See you around!

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Please share some stats so that we, RD, can have some hope…

If I have below average stats but I had multiple undiagnosed learning disorders until end of junior year do I have a chance? I think some schools care more than others about this

If I were the AO, I would give you special consideration.

Hi FeiXing. To me, my stats are pretty average, but I’ll list them all below:

About me:

White, male, New Jersey, upper-middle-class, both parents went to grad school, twin sister applied to other schools


UW GPA: 3.75, W GPA: 4.04 (9th-11th) and 4.46 from the first semester of 12th, top 8% of the class, total class size ~500
SAT: Did not submit
AP’s: 5 on APUSH, 5 on US Government and Politics, and 4 on AP Physics 1
Total course load: 9 total honors and 8 total AP’s, 5 AP’s senior year
AP’s taken: AP Physics 1, AP US Government and Politics, APUSH, AP Modern World History, AP Psychology, AP Economics (Macro and Micro), AP Chinese, AP English Literature and Composition
Some classes that helped me out: four years in the school band, two years in the top band, four years of Chinese, including AP Chinese
Honors: National Honor Society, Chinese Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, Forensics Honor Society, Delegate from my high school to statewide government event

My “spike” was in my EC’s, especially Boy Scouts:

Eagle Scout, was an assistant senior patrol leader, troop guide
Vice President of Northern New Jersey’s National Scout Honor Society
Two years on Boy Scout Camp staff
Vice President of my school’s Chinese Honor Society, participated for three years
School Mock Trial team leader and head lawyer, participated for four years
Retail sales associate for 6 months up to application submission
Secretary for school JSA, participated for two years
Debate team varsity debater for two years
Played in the school jazz band for two years
Played on the freshman baseball team

Essays, tracked interest, and others:

Common App essay was on my experience with failure as a staff member at boy scout camp and what I learned
Submitted additional, non-required supplement about why I wanted to go to Northeastern and what organization/coops I would participate in
Submitted additional essay describing my participation as vice president with scouting’s national honor society
Toured in 2019, participated in a few virtual events, emailed often with AO and a few times with an additional AO, emailed with CSSH vice president, Pre-Law professor, and Husky Ambassador
Had an “interview” with AO, basically a discussion and question portion

I applied as a Political Science major but have changed my major to History and Political Science combined.

If you are interested in knowing anything else about me, let me know!

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They are definitely higher than average stats. Congratulations ! And thank you for sharing.

Thanks for the compliment! Good luck to you too!

seeming like the 31st

Is the portal down for any of you? it’s down for me…

works for me

You think decisions could be out this Wednesday

My D21 deferral letter has vanished. So annoying we didn’t get to look before they realized this glitch!

So did mine, but my deferral letter popped up when I clicked on it when people were reporting glitches

my deferral letter is still not visible

Since NEU is needs aware, it would be great to compare if more students from higher income families are admitted over lower income. Or if applicants from higher income but lower stats and EC’s are admitted over lower income with higher stats and more impressive EC’s.

Just watching and waiting here for the decisions to go up.

We are dedicated to meeting the full demonstrated need for each admitted student eligible for federal financial aid. Northeastern University scholarship and grant funds will not be reduced during your undergraduate program (for up to eight in-class semesters).

Above was copied from the school website. Not sure it means need-blind or not blind. Then I found the following.
Boston University vs. Northeastern University: A Quick Overview

Boston University Northeastern University
Location Boston, MA Boston, MA
Campus Type Urban Urban
Undergraduate Enrollment 18,515 13,909
Acceptance Rate 22% 18.1%
US News Ranking 40 (tie) 40 (tie)
Middle 50% SAT 1420-1540 1390-1540
Middle 50% ACT 32-35 32-35
Sticker Price $55,892 $52,420
100% demonstrated need

100% demonstrated need