Northeastern University NU Bound London

Hi! I started this thread to see if anyone else was offered a seat in the NU Bound London program.

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I am not familiar with NU Bound other than it is held at the New College for the Humanities which is owned by Northeastern.

Yes recently accepted and trying to figure it out. I am not an international student as old program descriptions describe it as. Waiting for virtual information tours- I have lots of questions

My non intl D got in via NU Bound. many questions…seems like an intl program they repurposed and very little early data. NU In on the other hand is loaded with information and support. wonder how much interaction there is with the NU in kids who go to London?

You can join NUin London FB page

They answered lot of questions in virtual session hosted today and tomorrow
Check the virtual sessions page on acceptance portal

This is not the NUin, London program. It is the NU Bound London program. I believe it’s not the same thing.

Did you attend the session and hear information about the NU Bound program?

After careful analysis, it is pretty clear:
NU In - you are a Northeastern student even when you are at NCof H for the first semester; As such, there are many perks and benefits available.

NU Bound - you are a New College of the Humanities student who is guaranteed a transfer slot into NE as a sophomore if you meet the qualification GPA (which is 3.0, kind of a no brainer for most of the kids who have gotten into NU Bound, I am guessing). As such, there appear to be zero NE perks and benefits while in London. In fact, once you sign up, you are part of NC of H, not NE for your freshman year.

It appears as though this is a brand new program for US students who didn’t get into NU In or NE. Perhaps there will still be many int’l students, as well. There is simply very little information which makes it feel like a bit of an afterthought due to the record setting number of applicants. It is a bummer that as a transfer they don’t allow you to live in student housing during your sophomore year (like the regular and NU In students for “second year experience”)

Note that a other schools have less “formal” NU Bound-like programs, ie here are a list of schools to attend for a year and if you get a certain GPA, we guarantee transfer.

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I was admitted to NU Bound as well. If you learn about any social media groups for the London program let us know. How do you feel about a conditional program? I’m certainly excited but on the fence a bit.

I was also offered a spot at the NU bound program. I’m unsure what it is because of it’s limited information. Also can anyone access their student portal or can they only open their applicant portal and there is a NU Bound virtual info session on April 5th and 6th but I can’t find it when I try to register events through the applicant portal. Does anyone else have these problems?

So no housing is offered at NU Boston after completing the NU Bound year? I didn’t see that.

no housing…directly from NU Bound | Northeastern University Admissions …scroll down to transition to boston section. have to use off campus housing.

Interesting. I wonder how many will take them up on this offer.

FWIW…re: housing in Boston…it is absolutely doable to find off-campus housing that is on-par or even more affordable than on-campus housing. Yes, on-campus housing is convenient location-wise, but not all options allow you to opt out of the dining contract. In fact, most students look forward to their 3rd year when they can go off-campus for housing. Just a thought.

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I was offered a spot and it sounds really awesome but I want to know if anyone else is considering/ has committed to going??

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Yes, this information is correct from what I know. It was a program offered a few years ago (last year it was not an option) although this is the first year it is offered for U.S. students (used to be only international.

yes, considering. now that it appears they will utilize nu in staff to do similar support work for nu bound, it seems more and more appealing.

Does anyone know how NEU will handle the Bound program if study abroad is cancelled for Fall? Looks like many colleges are cancelling this summer’s abroad programs. Will Bound students have to go fully remote?

after listening to the april 6 info session, it sounds like there will be support from the NU In staff for NU Bound kids…that makes this program much more appealing. And the announcement of housing at Chapter Spitalfields is a good sign, as well. The fact the direct of programs for NU In said that the challenge/opportunity for NU Bound would be to add them into the programming put on by NU In and NCH staff. Starting to sound like a pretty legit program that has the potential to be an incredible experience.

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Yes, sounds interesting but what if study abroad is cancelled in the Fall due to ongoing Covid concerns? Was that addressed? I’m worried we may be doing remote learning here in the states from London classrooms at $50,000+ . They will be students of The New College of the Humanities.

I don’t have a crystal ball and this is a bothersome question that NU needs to address directly, but it is pretty clear that 1) school will be in person in both London and the US in the fall 2) at worst, students going to London from the US will have to quarantine for some period of time, and more likely they will just need to prove vaccination. Net, net, studying in London is likely going to happen. travel around europe…that’s another question. NU has this problem for NU In as well as NU Immerse and any kids from NU who are doing study abroad at NC of H in the fall. So it should be addressed before May 1. But it would be nice if a FAQ appeared on the NU Bound pages (like NU In).