Northwestern Medill 2024 chance me

Hi! So I know these are incredibly random, but I thought it would be worth it to get some feedback and possibly see if anyone here has experience going to Medill themselves.

BTW I go to the most competitive public school in my state, Washington, so I wouldn’t doubt that many of my peers are extremely competitive (especially stats wise).

My stats are:
3.91 UW
4.67 W
1420 SAT (I know it’s comparatively low- math is my hamartia) 750 RW, 670 M

5 APUSH, 5 AP Lang, 6 IB Math Studies, 6 IB Business Management

IB diploma candidate (took roughly 19 AP/IB/Honors courses)

Recs: One I know is 10/10 (my teacher said I was the best student he’s had in 20 years), but the other I’m worried about, bc I did kinda slack off at the end of the year in that teacher’s class

Essays- Everyone says their common app essay is good. I wrote mine about my internship and edited a lot so I hope mine is as well. However, while my Why Northwestern was good, I feel it might have been too cliche and stereotypical in comparison to others applying to Medill.

Founded a community service group aimed at leading writing workshops for youth of all backgrounds
Completed a paid internship at my state’s NPR affiliate in which my work went on air. Then was hired for a different job working as a leader in teaching kids talk radio production.
President/editor-in-chief of my school’s newspaper club
Vice president of my school’s Theater club. Placed two years in a row at thespian state competition. Lead in the musical this year, ensemble past two years.
Head writer and actor in my school’s comedy/improv troupe
Ensemble in professional theatre production outside of school
Attended the School of the New York Times for diversity in journalism

So yeah, if y’all have any other questions hmu.



-How was it for you?
-Did you double major in anything?
-Was the atmosphere too competitive, or was it uplifting?
-How is it helping (or not helping) you advance your career now?

Hi there, I’m a Class of 2021 and I was wondering whether or not you got in since my stats are kind of similar to yours. Thanks!