Northwestern University Transfer- 2021

Hey everyone just finished my transfer application to Northwestern, Look forward to chatting about experiences!

What major are you applying for?

Journalism at Medill, yourself?


applying for human development in SESP!
anybody know if SESP is harder to get into as an outside transfer? i know a lot of people interschool transfer to sesp

to be honest, haven’t heard anything. Everyone get those applications in?!?

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A lot of my stuff on the portal is still missing… is this the same case with u guys?

For me, just my IDOC is missing. but I submitted everything super early and it took weeks for everything to show up in the portal

Yeah, I still have a lot of documents that still show as missing. Is it too early to email them?

Do they have a holistic process or numbers are very important? I have a rlly low SAT

By low i mean 1200

You might be able to call and confirm whether they’ve been received. I did this with a few items and got answers like: “yes, we received your ____, but it takes a few days to show up in the portal. No need to resend” etc. etc.

When I called they told me they were unsure but they would contact me later if needed to resend something.


Definitely holistic! Test scores are still pretty important, but if you can make up for it in other parts of the application (essays, recs, etc.) I wouldn’t stress too much.

yo whats up ppl. Im applying to weinberg. I have no expectations, but just thought I would give northwestern my best shot. Im only gonna share objective things, because honestly i cant judge the subjective things bro. hs gpa: trash for an indian, college gpa: 3.96, act=34, ib diploma received, a couple good test scores i guess lol, interning at f500 company, some clubs at school, worked a job at school, yeah thats probably it for the subjective shi. hope the best candidates get in, and just remember everyone we are already in college so if we don’t get it we are still chilling. just wanna make sure ppl arent too stressed out. peace


Still missing a lot of docs(all transcripts &college report). No updates since March 16th… anyone same?

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Hey, I was similar except I sent everything early January. It literally got updated this morning!! I

Same lol. so relieved

My checklist is completed! Anyone knows when will the decisions be out? They said it’s rolling