Northwestern waitlist 2026

Just want to start a thread for everyone to share their experiences regarding waitlist this year for Northwestern.


Did anyone get admitted after being on waitlist ?

waitlists typically only move after may 1st

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Do they call or email to notify??

I’ve seen in the past that they call

are you guys going to reach out to your regional admissions counselor? I emailed mine when i submitted a loci like a month ago but i kinda wanna email again. or is that just going to annoy them?

i literally don’t know. northwestern is 10000% my top choice so i rly wanna maximize my chances. i obviously sent in my loci but im not quite sure whether i should send an email; there’s just so little info re undergrad waitlists online, unfortunately. (it’s all about loci loci loci when that is kind of the “bare minimum” at this point.) bombarding them obviously isnt a good idea but, like, i dont think a few emails r a bad idea?? what r u thinking of sending i guess?

same northwestern is still my top choice. i was just gonna be like i’m still interested even though i committed to another school meanwhile

ok i just sent the email and the automatic response said waitlisted freshman will find out by the end of june :(( that’s so far omg

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i hope theres at least some movement within the next 2 weeks </333

not gonna go into details but feel free to message me

Was OP saying they received an offer?

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fwiw there seemed to be a lot more movement in engineering last yr proportionate to the other schools (according to last year’s thread)

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I noticed the same thing too! Who knows what will happen this year lol

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hopefully weinberg is this year’s waitlist fav :crazy_face: though considering the fact that it’s the most like. broad school i doubt it </333

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Do you know if there has been any waitlist movement at all this year?

Ya never know! Maybe they lost a lot of liberal arts students to the ivies and other liberal arts institutions… Let’s hope lol


that person up there said something (idk what), then the next person replied with something along the lines of “what’s your major?”, which is why that other person was asking if their original post said that they’d received an offer.

i don’t actually know of anything concrete tho