Not Aware about much stuff, HELP?

<p>Hey, I am an 11thie right now. CBSE board. I am not much aware about SAT and all the procedures to get in the universities abroad( Its all IIT IIT blah blah in India). I searched up collegeboard. Can you brief me about some stuff?
1. SAT subject test and reasoning test cannot be given on the same day?
2. When should i write SAT? This May, June? Or should i wait?
3. What are the other fundamental test which I must appear for? and WHEN?
4. In SAT subject test for engineering related stuff do i have to appear for all Physics, Chem, Math1and2? (only 3 tests are permitted in a day, isn't it?)</p>

<p>Please give some advice, i know nothing about applying to various universities abroad.</p>

<p>Thank You :)</p>

<li>They cannot. Also, you cannot take more than three subject tests on one day.</li>
<li>Your wish. Preferably, you should be finished with it before senior year. Unless of course, you push things till the end.</li>
<li>None. Unless you haven't been studying in an english medium school since the past 5 years, you won't need the IELTS or TOEFL.</li>
<li>Most Engineering courses only require you to take two subject tests. One in Maths (either 1 or 2) and one of the sciences (Physics, Chemistry or Biology). Please note once and for all that no one test is given preference over the other, however, you might want to choose the ones that you think will portray your abilities to their fullest.</li>

<p>I almost never really do this, but ... if you want a no-nonsense and politically incorrect answer:</p>

<p>Get over the SAT Reasoning test in 11th grade. Get a 2200+. APs matter a lot, take them to show the rigor of your curriculum. Take the SAT Math IIC subject test. Anything below an 800 is shameful. Also take the Chemistry and Physics subject tests. 800 is pretty easy for Physics, 750+ for Chemistry. Keep your grades above 85% or above 90%. Have one good EC.</p>

<p>Thank you! I prefer your politically incorrect answers more.
When you say Math IIC, you mean Math Level2?
And Sorry, EC stands for extra curricular activities or something of that sort? :embarrassed:
And how 'exactly' (Like e-mailing or something?) and when exactly do one apply to colleges?</p>

<p>And How to register for AP exam? It seems like they do not have online registration facility. I live in Jaipur. Do you happen to know any way I can register and get exam center in Jaipur itself?</p>

<p>I think you should write to them directly and ask all the questions. They will be able to help you more than anybody on this forum.</p>

<p>Press</a> Releases 2010 | Embassy of the United States New Delhi, India</p>

<p>::</a> Welcome to USIEF ::</p>

<p>EducationUSA Advising Center
United States-India Educational Foundation
12 Hailey Road,
New Delhi - 110 001
E-mail: <a href=""></a></p>

<p>Most colleges today use the common application (found at which is a service that lets you send a single application to many colleges. dont create an account yet though, wait till july/august. almost everything can be done online.
if you are in the 11th grade your application deadlines will be around the end of 2012 so youve got lots of time. dont worry, youll learn about the process as you go along, i knew absolutely nothing at this time last year.</p>

<p>Nice to see people from Jaipur coming up and applying to the US :)</p>

<p>Actually, twinkle ... my politically incorrect post had a mocking undertone to people's general perception. It was more of the 'perfect' stereotype. In fact, each person has to make their own application and decide their own strong points. Please give more weightage to this post while making decisions instead of the last one.</p>

<p>good reply tizil7</p>

<p>Tizil, you are ALWAYS politically correct, even in your politically incorrect posts! :D :o</p>