Not receiving college interviews

Perhaps I’m just being excessively paranoid, but I have received 0 interview offers since applying. I understand that these are usually based on alumni availability, but I live in a large city and I have had classmates who have interviewed for the same schools I applied to.

Is this in anyway an indication about the strength of my application?



Are you checking your Spam and checking whatever phone number you put on the applications?

It seems unusual if others in the area are getting interviews to multiple schools you applied to and you have zero.


Yes, I have. Nothing has come so far

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Interviews mostly don’t matter for admissions, unless maybe it is for some small LACs, or if you do an interview and you majorly blow up — like insult the interviewer or something

D23 had a Stanford interview, and so did 2 friends at the same school, but many others at her school, some likely better applicants based on GPA/EC’s, were not offered interviews - I don’t think it means anything at all. Deep breaths!

One more thing….Your phone voicemail box is accepting messages?

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I believe it is. I have not received any phone calls or voicemails though.