Not sure if I was actually accepted

Hi! I got a voicemail yesterday saying that I was admitted. I called back and it seemed legitimate. However, on my SLU portal, its still shows the portal status as “decision made”. Does that mean the call was a mistake or something? Did I actually get in?

I think you probably got in. One of my kid’s acceptances was over the phone and the portal didn’t change for 3 weeks. In the end it changed. Wait and if still in doubt contact your admission’s counselor if there is one or confirm with admissions

@readthetealeaves thank you so much! haha, that’s comforting to hear! and yeah that plan makes sense, thanks again!!!

It should be legit. Congrats!

My daughter goes to SLU, and phone calls are common. It’s a nice touch that smaller schools often do. She got a call before she got any other notification of her acceptance.

@SwimMom87 thanks! haha yeah, it feels warmer than an email. i got the official letter yesterday :slight_smile: does your daughter like the school?

She absolutely loves it. It’s been a perfect place for her. She is actually finishing up her last semester now – she’s in her fifth year of the five-year Occupational Therapy program. After this week, she is finished with classes and does six months of field work before her official graduation.

Good luck to you! I’ll check back, so feel free to ask any specific questions you might have.