Not Transferring HS Dual Credits?

So I took 2 dual credit junior year, Spanish and Precalc. The dual credit is through Ivy Tech and I plan to attend Purdue. I don’t think the credit transfer with the grade because I don’t want it to affect my GPA at Purdue. So I believe it only transfers with the credit only and no grade. Just in case, is it okay if I don’t transfer the credit over to Purdue?

  1. your dual enrollment grades does not affect your undergrad GPA 2) most universities would give you the opportunity to retake the class, in which case you would lose the dual enrollment credit anyways, once the college version has been (re)taken. Given this I can’t see a good reason why you wouldn’t want the credits.

You have to send all transcripts to Purdue, including Ivy Tech. If your grade is low, Purdue won’t accept the credit. (If it’s something for your major, I think you need a C- or higher to transfer the credit). It doesn’t not count towards your Purdue GPA though, even if it was an A.

The only time this grade would count in GPA calculations is if you are going to apply to med or law school and they’ll want to see all transcripts.

@thaik07 AFAIK many colleges/universities in Indiana and other States follow the rule that if the HS dual credit is included on the high school transcript and therefore part of your HS GPA, then it is not possible to transfer the respective credit. You will have to confirm this point with Purdue, yet presumably this will be the case there as well.

Ok, so it does affect my HS GPA and it’s on my transcript, so it probably doesn’t transfer?

This makes no sense. The point of dual enrollment is so that you can accumulate credits for college while still in HS, and yes, it would still be included in the HS GPA. This is different than separate college classes taken while in HS, which of course wouldn’t count towards the HS GPA.

I agree with @professorplum168. My D took dual credit courses taught at her HS, that appeared on her HS transcript, but the credits were accepted by Purdue. They went through a review process and wanted a separate transcript from the accrediting university, but it was approved along with her AP classes.

Frankly, it is what it is - just one of several examples in this respect (OP: “dual credit is through Ivy Tech”):
“Transfer Credit
College courses completed on college campuses and used to satisfy high school graduation requirements or Notre Dame admission requirements are not accepted for credit.”
As previously advised, OP will need to determine what respective Purdue HS dual credit rules stipulate.

Notre Dame is a private university. It is rare that a private would accept DE credits whether counted for HS graduation or not. In-state publics will usually accept them, although they may want to review course by course. Whether Purdue, which is the uni about which the OP was asking, will accept the OP’s credits is something the OP needs to ask Purdue.

Yup. As is often the case.

Regardless, the OP asked this question under another account already, so closing thread.