Notre Dame REA Class of 2024

Notre Dame just announced the decision release date! It’s December 13th at 18:42 EST!

Oh wow that’s awesome/really soon! How did you find that out?

They just posted it on the admission page of the website. Good luck everyone!

What do they mean by 18:42 ET? Does that mean at 6:42 Eastern time? Or something else? Seems oddly specific for a time.

Yes, 18:42 ET is 6:42 pm EST. Notre Dame was founded in 1842 and they traditionally release decisions at that time of day.

Thanks for sharing! ND has been my dream for so long and I can’t believe we’ll find out in less than 2 weeks. Best of luck to everyone!!!

Hi everyone! I applied as a polisci major for next year.
Does anyone have any idea how intently they look at legacy status? I’m applying with an ACT score just below the average so would my legacy status possibly balance that out? I would be fourth generation to the school.

oooooo yes they will love that. long as your other stats are solid you’re golden

I hope Friday he 13th turns out to be good luck! UGH!

I think it is incredibly responsive and thoughtful for ND to post the REA announcement date this year on the admissions web page. It seems that in previous years guessing the date was somewhat stressful. I also love that it will be on a Friday! This will give time to process and will not interfere with studying. Although it makes for a very quiet REA thread!

Best of luck to everyone!

GPA 3.82/4
SAT - 1480
Eagle Scout
Varsity Rowing
Aerospace Engineering
Mostly Honors/AP courses
AP Calc, AP Physics, etc

@droppinknowledge In- vs. Out-of-State is not a consideration for Notre Dame and other selective private universities with national footprint. Best of luck and success tomorrow!

It is SO hard to chance! I would not want to chance anyone. My DS just had a friend get rejected from his dream school (not ND) with perfect grades & scores, lots of AP’s, great activities, leadership, etc. I guess it was not meant to be.

There is however a ND eagle scout thread that you might find interesting -

Has anyone heard what the REA application numbers are looking like this year? (unofficially of course) I imagine they will continue on their upward trend, but I am just curious.

It won’t be long now!

Sincere best wishes!

@mtnsun13 Notre Dame seeks to enhance the Regular Decision Admission Program, as already has happened during last year’s admission cycle. Don Bishop said at the time in an Observer article: “Lower-income households, first-generation households don’t apply as early and want more time to decide and spend more time applying …". Bob Mundy, Director of Notre Dame Undergraduate Admissions at the time then added: “If colleges are truly to become instruments of positive social change, then it’s the responsibility of all colleges and universities to seek students who might come from backgrounds that are more economically challenged — so students of lower socioeconomic situations.”

So while REA application numbers presumably will continue to increase this cycle, including from legacy and other high achieving high school applicants, the number of available early admission slots will either remain stable or, more likely, will go down in absolute numbers, resulting in an expected lower REA admission rate percentage this cycle.

PS: same early admission trend in absolute numbers is occuring at, for example, Harvard and other selective private universities:

“Of the 6,424 students who applied early to the 2024 class, 895 were admitted. The numbers were 935 and 964 for the previous two years, respectively.”

“Of the 6,424 students who applied early to the 2024 class, 895 were admitted. The numbers were 935 and 964 for the previous two years, respectively.”


However, the percentage of students accepted at that school was actually higher this year (up to 13.9 from 13.4). I haven’t read any statistics on the class of 2024, but that suggests the size of the applicant pool for all schools may be decreasing?

These numbers are for Harvard and therefore should better be clarified on a Harvard specific sub-thread. Anyways, the above post was meant as ND REA specific. Best of luck to all tonight!

Yes this all makes sense. Applying early probably used to be more of an advantage a few years ago for your typical high achieving student than it is now. I would imagine this would be the case at many top schools not just ND. However, I agree that ND REA apps will continue to increase for many reasons - outreach, ND REA is non-binding, number of apps per student increasing, number of applicants increasing, as well as the continued prestige, recognition, and value of a ND education.

This will be a long day! Hang in there everyone!

Can anyone tell me how we are notified for the decision? Do we just access our portal or will a separate email to log in come?

My DS has not received an email. My understanding is that we log onto the portal @ 18:42 ET to find out. Can anyone else verify if this is correct?