Notre Dame Supplemental Essays

I was looking at the Notre Dame supplemental essays, and looking for advice for which one I should write. I feel like I am most passionate about my “What would you fight for?” topic, which is about girls dress code in general, and how we should reframe it. However, with it being a Catholic school, I don’t know how they will take it. I could also write about what my name means (it came from my grandmas, and I could talk about family, community, etc.) or the lightning talk and speak about why journaling is really good. Ranking my topics based on my passion for them-it would be the fight for essay, lightning talk essay, then the name essay.
Sorry this is kind of all over the place. Any advice for which essay I should write and how I can make it sound good for the admissions officers?

FWIW Recently visited & stayed on Notre Dame’s campus. Was surprised at the non-conservative attire displayed.

I would have some fun with it, but make it mean something! My Lightning talk was about Taylor Swift and her her music and advocacy inspires me and my life!