Nova Southeastern Information Technology / Cyber Security

Hi all!

Looking for information and general feedback on how NSU’s Information Technology / Cyber Security program is. For me it’s looking to be attractive as I want to work in the Government sector one day. As painful as it is for me to admit, Math isn’t my strong suit (I struggle quite a bit for different reasons). Recently did a campus tour and it fits what I’m looking for. I have a personal bias to NSU as they helped me with my vision impairment after a complicated medical situation in 2019. NSU’s program doesn’t look to be math heavy and the campus isn’t too large, but is the program a good fit? I can’t find much detail online and hope someone can share a little about their experiences. NSU’s accreditation for their Cyber Security program is what’s drawing me close to making the decision.

Any feedback is appreciated!


Look at Dakota State University in Madison, SD. They have the CyberCorps scholarship, as well as brand new facilities for Cyber/CS majors.