November 1 Early Action Deadline Reminder

<p>If you wish to be reviewed early based on transcripts through your junior year, you must have your application postmarked by November 1. You must take the SAT or ACT no later than November. Nonbinding notification by January 1.</p>

<p>already applied for spring admission. crossing my fingers!</p>

<p>My son visited the school back in April and was really impressed. He will be applying in the next couple of days EA.</p>

<p>@rhumbob: Lots of California kids. My son is a freshman and also from California. I believe there are 270 out of the 1700 who make up the current freshmen class. Small class sizes, professors know your name, tons of school spirit, big in sports and performing arts, beautiful dorms, Fort Worth is an awesome town. Hard to ask for much more! Good Luck to your son!</p>

<p>when will i know if i am accepted or not? i applied about a month ago. like i said above, i applied for a spring admission.</p>

<p>Pygmachia -- I'm not sure about the Spring Admits. I would call the Admissions office. They will tell you.</p>