Anyone have experience with the NPC for Quinnipiac. When I completed, in comparison to other schools (Skidmore, Conn Coll, Brandeis, Bentley…) they were about 10k/year higher than the others I mentioned. Curious if others have had any experience with this issue. Thanks


I called the financial office at Quinnipiac. The woman who answered the phone stated they meet about 60% of need. Hence the much higher numbers relative to full need schools. Expensive place. for those in the middle class.

Thanks for sharing that info. Colleges have their own formulas so I don’t think it’s unusual to get different results. Most colleges don’t meet need.

It was a bit of sticker shock for me tho, and I already have two kids in college at the moment. Our EFC is a negative 2k, per the Q calculator and they want to charge 30k/year. Seems crazy. I was surprised.